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    Episode III title!...

    Well sort of, its a Title Generator, its kinda funny, so check it out, and lets see what titles it generates!

    Here ill start off with one...

    Star Wars Episode III:
    The Battle for the Evil Palpatine

    there ya go, sorry i had to fool you!Episode 3 Title Generators

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    Funny stuff
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    I got a funny but strange one;

    Bride of the Princess

    ewwwww.. well maybe not..
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    To be honest I always thought Lucas was going to call Ep.III The End of the Story.

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    "Rise of the Sith"


    "Triumph of the Sith"

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    Pretty funny stuff, especially the Attack of the Savage Princess title I got.

    For the record, my best guess on the title would be Revenge of the Sith. Kind of a nice twist on the unused "Revenge of the Jedi" title.
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    Or " the sixth siths sixth skiff skewed"
    It's all fun and games 'til somebody loses an eye.

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    Episode 3: Back in Black

    Sung to the tune of AC/DC (found electricly stored in Vader's power belt)

    'Back in black
    here's the catch
    everyone knows
    it's good to be bad

    cause I'm Lord of Siths
    aint no lie
    if you catch up with me
    you're gonna die

    Cause I'm Back in Bla-ahck
    Back in Black
    Back in bla-ack
    Yes I'm back in black!

    Back in black
    here comes the match
    the Jedi'll fall
    and I'm gonna laugh!

    cause Obi-Wan is gone
    and Palpy's old
    they can't stop me
    so I'll be bold

    Cause I'm back in Bla-hack
    Back in bla -ack
    Back in blah- ack
    Yes I'm bad in black!

    Come on!

    Padme's gone
    I got two kids
    never paid for one
    cause I'm a bad par-ent

    Now I got
    my own moo-vie
    cause Dark Lords know
    Black is so groo-vie!

    So look at me now
    I'm ready to attack
    don't need no clones
    cause I'm back in black

    Back in blah-ahk
    back in bla- hack
    Yes I'm back in bla-hack
    I'm Back in Black!
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