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    Ideas for 5 Unleashed figures

    How do you like these ideas for future unleashed figures:

    1. Luke Endor: slicing off the nose of the Speeder-Bike with his lightsaber

    2. Luke Dagobah: doing his handstand with Yoda at the top of his one foot

    3. Wuher: pointing with his grouchface appearance when he says, "Ay! We don't serve their kind."

    4. Emperor's Royal Guard: swinging his force-pike in an original, non-film pose.

    5. IG-88: using both small and large guns in his first bad@ss action pose, unlike all our action figures of him.

    How do you all like these five? Feel free to post your Unleashed ideas too.

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    Definitely the IG-88 one would be awesome... I just realized that yes all our figures of him are boring as crap and i need some action in him.
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    Um, where's the respect for the Stormtrooper? Perhaps we could recreate the scene where they are coming into the Death Star control room, and get the one trooper who bangs his head on the door!
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    What I'd like:
    - Stormtrooper in running and blast posing with a "dead" Rebel Fleet Trooper by his feet
    - Vader/Anakin, half of Vader on one side and half of Anakin on the other. They'd both be standing neutrally and Ani would be cloaked, with a clenched human hand by his side (he'd be on the left) and Vader with his arm up in a force choke.
    - Chewie attacking a Stormtrooper on Bespin Freezing platform
    - TPM Obi-Wan with Maul's lightsaber half "attacking"

    What they hear:
    - Pole Dancer Oola
    - Pole Dancer Lyn Me
    - Pole Dancer Thonged Chick from AOTC
    - Pole Dancer Yaddle
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    What they hear:
    - Pole Dancer Oola
    - Pole Dancer Lyn Me
    - Pole Dancer Thonged Chick from AOTC
    - Pole Dancer Yaddle
    Oh hell yeah!! Let's not forget Pole Dancer Aayla Secura. Awe, I'm droolin.

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    unleashed lando!! haha

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    They could possibly do they unleashed "bounty hunter" series.. and give us all our favs..

    Id like to see some troopers as well, stormies, scouts, even the tie fighter pilots

    the next releases ( the next , next ones.. ) HAVE to include chewie though... I mean.. CMON!! ITS CHEWBACCA!!
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    It's nice to dream...Hasbro SHOULD make many more characters in the Unleashed line. I think a Stormtrooper & a Chewbacca should be tops on the classic trilogy & I think a clone trooper & destroyer droid would be great from the new movies

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    Originally posted by Brainiak76
    unleashed lando!! haha
    That is a must have. The Ig-88 sounds good as well.
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    I'm still hoping for an INSANE Anakin standing on top of a slain Tusken Raider camp with saber slicing (about half way though a Tusken) down the last raider.


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