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    not completely

    I voted for not completely and I'll try to explain why without doing the spoiler thing, so mods get ready to possibly edit. =)

    First off, what we know, is that its about 20 years prior to A New Hope (ANH). Second, there is a lot in ANH that actually could be answered as questions to what happened to? For instance, (and i'm borrowing from a post on, the supposed Jedi purge, Obi Wan tells Luke of Vader helping to hunt down and destroy the Jedis. Do we need to see this? Not really because we are told about it in ANH. Just like we won't see a lot of the Clone Wars because it was starting in AOTC and ends in EP3. We know Obi Wan served in it, based on Leia's statement in the recording from R2 in ANH. The key point here is to remember that its "Episode 3" while it may be the final one for Lucas, its the middle of the story. You just need to look at them in order. I'm sure there are some things that Lucas should answer in Ep3 like the disappearing when a Jedi dies, but again, most questions can be answered by watching ANH.

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    [QUOTE]We're not supposed to talk about Chewbacca actually being in E3, yet we can speculate that Han will not meet him in the movie? That's . . . uh . . . well that makes no sense.[QUOTE]


    I voted for "pretty much", but there's a lot to fill in, and a lot I want to see. There were some good idea's here in terms of plot and all, but I'll refrain from speculating.

    Except for official news I've been spoiler free for the past year and I intend to stay that way. Like a really bad habit though, it's calling out to me
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    Good LORD, Tycho!!

    That's quite the non-spoiler laden rant, eh?

    Just a bit of FYI, folks: speculation of possible/probable events=spoiler; discussion of official items=not spoiler

    Since that wasn't very clear, I thought I'd throw that out there.


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    well, if you want the movie to be a plot filler then you are going to get a very lame, tedious movie made only for die-hard fans. happily, i'm sure lucas has no plans of going in this direction, and the movie will just be a story about anakin becoming vaser. that's all the movie needs. the star wars ancillary titles like comics and books and so forth can fill in all the minutae as far as i'm concerned. i'm just hoping that the story of why anakin turns and the consequences of the jedi's short-sightedness are revealed.

    i think theories about boba fett killing windu and dooku being a big part of the story are really reaching. we've seen that kind of stuff (along with searches for power crystals???) in some fan-written scripts. dooku is just going to go away or be killed and boba fett may try, but won't succeed in killing mace windu. face it, boba fett in the movies is an incompetent boob. his lore and fan-worship is based on his costume and on the stories told about him in other media, but in the movies, he hardly ever does anything and then he dies. i like boba fett, but he's a punk and mace windu should be able to handle him.

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    Originally posted by skeeziks22
    1) Palpitine takes care of Darth Sidious when Sidous begins to gain too much power and threatens Palpitines seat... I say they are two different people.

    5) Yoda chases Dooku to Dagobah and kills him them, thus releasing the dark energy that so well masks his presence on the planet for 20+ years to come... he goes with Obi-Wan, but he must leave before they find Dooku to "rescue" Anakin... this is why Obi-Wan knows where Yoda is, yet why Yoda is stuck there... Obi-Wan can still feel Yoda, and knows he must not go back in fear of the life of a newborn Luke.
    Cool!! I've always said that they were two different folks. However, I think that the one we know as "Palpatine" is the clone of the true Palpatine, which is Darth Sidious. I think Sidious will just kill him at the end of EP3, as he will no longer be necessary. The "Palpatine" clone that we all know and loathe is not a sith or, for that matter, truly evil - he just does as he's told. I think this explains his ability to walk amongst the Jedi elite without their having a clue as to who/what he is. Let's face it - if the Jedi can't determine that Darth Sidious, soon-to-be aka "Emperor Palpatine", is walking among them, they deserve to die, damnit!

    And, I like your explanation of the Yoda background story. A little different than I imagined, but I like it.


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    Well, Han could show up because based on the ages established in ANH, he was 35 while Luke & Leia were 18. So Han would only be 17 at the time of Ep III. That is certainly an age where a character can still impact the storyline.

    I still expect Anakin to kill Dooku, not Yoda. Though it is possible to me that Anakin could do this on Dagobah, establishing the Dark Side presence on the planet.

    I don't expect Obi-Wan and Vader to meet in Ep III, though it is possible. It would allow Obi to clearly know that Anakin survived their duel, though of course, he could know this by instinct and his knowledge of the Force.

    I just hope that Lucas either titles Ep III Fall of the Jedi or Revenge of the Sith, since both would mirror ROTJ and provide a nice symmetry between the two concluding chapters.

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    Episode III prediction

    Here's what I'd like to see: Episode III ends with the birth of Luke and Leia. Before her death, Amidala plans to separate and hide the twins from a corrupt Anakin. She manages to to personally deliver Leia to Bail Organa, but on the run from Anakin, she is forced to jettison Luke off into space, setting the coordinates of the infant's escape pod for the Lars residence on Tattooine. Amidala is killed immediately afterwards. And if Palpatine isn't Anakin's father I'll eat my hat (or something far worse). This just makes sense. That's why Anakin is on Tatooine in Episode I; Palpatine knows he can continue to build his Empire while Anakin is safely hidden away. Palpatine uses his mind contrl to make Shmi think that there's been some sort of Immaculate conception. In fact, I think that when the Jedi (Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan) unexpectedly find Anakin on Tattoine, Palpatine decides to let them train Anakin so he can later be brought over to the dark side. This way he can continue to maintain his Empire. Palpatine IS Anakin's father. This way we get to see a paralleled story in which young Anakin and Young Luke are presented with a similar set of problems, but they end up making different decisions and we get to see their stories veer off into different directions, only to ultimately intertwine.

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    I think it's going to be a challenge, whatever GL decides to do. I think he'll do the best job that he can but gaps will remain.

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    Originally posted by JangoFart
    However, I think that the one we know as "Palpatine" is the clone of the true Palpatine, which is Darth Sidious.
    everyone is entitled to an opinion i guess, but what would even lead you to suggest that this is an option? there doesn't seem to be any evidence in the movies to suggest that palpatine is a clone. what would be the point? this is where fan speculation just turns into wild fan-fiction. i'm glad the fans aren't writing the scripts.

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    Originally posted by zeroplate
    everyone is entitled to an opinion i guess, but what would even lead you to suggest that this is an option? there doesn't seem to be any evidence in the movies to suggest that palpatine is a clone. what would be the point? this is where fan speculation just turns into wild fan-fiction. i'm glad the fans aren't writing the scripts.
    No, there is no direct evidence in any of the flicks that Palpatine is a clone. What there is at this point, however, is a STRONG indication that Palpatine and Sidious are the same person. My extrapolation from what we're given is that I don't see how the most evil man in the galaxy is having tea and scrumpets with the most pure men and women in the galaxy and none of them have a clue.

    What would lead me to "even suggest this as an option"?? Well, as I said, the man who is the ulitmate in evil, Palpatine, is walking amongst the highest of the Jedi and not one of them has a clue that he is evil? True that the "dark side clouds everything", but does that "everything" include people in their own PRESENCE? I find it hard to believe that Yoda can sense the pain and anger (accepting the Dark Side) of Anakin when Anakin is half-way across the galaxy chopping up Tuskens to the point that he can hear Qui-Gon scream from the grave, but he can't tell that Palpatine is the embodiment of the Dark Side when Palpatine is standing right in front of him! Call me crazy, but that makes no sense.

    If, however, Palpatine WAS NOT the evil one but only the evil one's flunky, why would Yoda be able to sense evil that wasn't there? He wouldn't and that's why he doesn't sense it - there's nothing to sense. I guess that answers your "what would be the point" question. The point would be to mask himself under the noses of the Jedi which would allow him to seem sincere in his desire to hold the Republic together; all the while working out of their presence to destroy it.

    Too bad not all the fans are paying attention to the movies. Do I know this to be the case? Of course not. Do you know it to be wrong? Of course not. If, however, you have a more plausible answer to the question of how Palpatine is COMPLETELY masked under the noses of the Jedi Council, I'd love to hear it.

    And, BTW, I think it will be Anakin who kills Dooku, not anyone else. This would allow him to take his place at Palpatine's side - like he was trying to get Luke to do by killing Vader. Now, I don't have any secret video tape showing Lucas acting this scene out with Ms. Piggy standing in for Palpatine - it's just wild speculation.



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