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    I didn't want to read too many posts on EP3 because I've been wanting to be surprised unlike I've been with EP1 and 2 due to all the spoilers floating around. However, with the stuff I've already heard from I believe the gap will not be 100%. Lucas wrote the six episodes with gaps between each one. There's always some unknowns that occurred between each story, like the Approaching Storm book whose plot was mentioned by Windu in the beginning of EP2.

    Thus, I don't think everything will be or even should be shown between 3 and 4. We know we'll see Ani turn into Vader, the Jedi beginning to be either persecuted or hunted down, and Yoda and OB1 go into hiding. There's also that one scene Lucas already filmed for EP3 that is mentioned on disc 2 of EP2's DVD. I don't think anyone can say for sure what else is going to happen for sure unless Lucas reveals more stuff. It could be that many of the things we've speculated about already in this thread won't ever be shown on film because they'll just be alluded to.
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    I don't think Yoda knows about Sidious being Palpatine (or vice versa). The Dark Side has the ability to cloud men's minds and hide the truth. And Yoda is not impervious to this, as his comment about being blind (including himself in the "We") to the creation of the Clone Army indicates.

    And in all honesty, I think some people are looking to make Anakin more heroic than anything we have learned thus far would indicate he was. I don't buy at all the idea that Anakin essentially "takes one for the team" and allies himself with Palpatine to allow Obi-Wan and Luke to survive. At best, he will know his son survived but have no clue about what has happened to him. It is more likely that he doesn't even know he has a son, because if he did, Palpatine would hunt him down knowing he could one day be a threat to them both.

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    The Chewie thing bing viewed as a spoiler seems a little ridiculous to me also.

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    as with so much of the rest of star wars, episode 3 will center around tatooine and events that will happen there (or have in the past and will be explained).

    anakin's father will be revealed. shmi was simply trying to protect anakin by never revealing who his father was. knowing that anakin's father turned his back or somehow disgraced the order would not be a point in anakin's favor. leads to the assumption that either dooku/tyranus or possibly syfo-dias is anakin's father.

    master syfo-dias will turn out to be darth sidious, a close associate of the former senator palpatine.

    anakin's wife and unborn children will be forbidden him by the jedi when they discover he's broken the jedi code. being forced to choose between the love of his life and his life as a jedi he seeks advice from palpatine.

    anakin will manage to kill dooku early in the film at which time palpatine will begin training as a sith under sidious. sidious must then assume control of the separatist movement. palpatine progresses rapidly in his training, foreshadowing that he is anakin's father.

    palpatine reveals to anakin that he's his father. putting anakin in an awkward position when palpatine is challenged by mace. when mace attempts to battle palpatine, anakin interrupts and fights mace. ultimately anakin is the victor. yoda sensing the evil unleashed by palpatine across the galaxy, yet unable to oppose the ruler of the republic he's sworn to protect leaves the jedi order. obi-wan escorts yoda to dagobah.

    a pregnant padme is pursued by sidious across a volcanic planet. anakin and obi-wan, now once more re-united attempt to track down sidious. anakin has managed to keep hidden that he has killed a jedi, but obi-wan senses that something is different (changed even) with his padawan. in the climatic battle with sidious anakin is apparently killed when he falls in a molten pool of lava. padme is rescued by obi-wan after he manages to defeat sidious. when they return to the spot of anakin's fall all that remains is his lightsaber which obi keeps. padme admits the children are anakin's.

    the movie ends with voice over work by JEJ as a baby leia arrives on alderaan while obi escorts luke to tatooine. padme returns to coruscant where she is confronted by palpatine with a menace in black armor at his side as the screen fades to black (leading to months of debate and speculation as to what happens to padme).

    edit: until we receive the 'official' release of all 6 movies i don't think things will be completely wrapped up. after ep 3, all 6 films will undergo slight revision before being released in the director's cut version which will manage to erase most (still not all) continuity errors.

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    Eh, I don't know, Jax. I like it, alot, but I still think that Palpatine is Sidious, or his clone. As I recall from the EU stories, cloning can be a process which not only creates a clone in minutes, it can churn out full-grown adults as well. (It's been a LONG time since I've read that, so bear with me if it's not 100% accurate, but that's what I remember.)

    As I recall, before EP2 came out, the Star Wars Insider had a whole issue about how they made Palpatine look more Emperor-ish. And, as the same actor who played Emp. Palpatine in ROTJ is the same dude who plays Palpatine now, I don't really think it's plausible that Syfo-Dias is Sidious - it's clear that Palpatine and Sidious are the same actor and, I think, same character; or his clone.


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    Woah, Dooku MUSTN'T be Anakin's father, that would be a worse storyline than the whole clone emperor thing.
    Plus, Dooku is too old to be with Shmi... then again people said that about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta!
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    Yoda already knows.

    I think Yoda (and possibly Mace) already know that Palpatine is Darth Sidious.

    Yes, this is what I think to, but not Mace. We all remember that look Yoda has on his face when he's in Palpatine office, that you "A" hole look or you are full Of BS look. As far as the stories I have read here, I feel as if I saw EP3 already. All I want from Lucas is a well balanced film with less CGI. No CGI would be better, but thats like asking lucas for the OT on DVD, it will never happen.
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    Will Lucas tie the gap between the trilogies with Episode Three?

    In my opinion...not completely. Why? Because I was dissapointed with Episodes 1 and 2 and don't see any reason why 3 will be any better. GL has lots of things to link together, and only one movie to do it. Maybe my low expectaions for this movie will make it better once I finally see it.

    I'm already tired of all the specualtion threads, so I quit reading them. I doubt bringing Chewbacca back will help the film.

    I wonder if midichlorians will pop up again in Episode 3.
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    ep. 3 will be the most anticipated film in my life. i'm anxious to see how wrong i am with my guesses and just how GL will attempt to weave together the disjointed plot items of 1 & 2 with what follows in 4-6.

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    Episode III

    I think Anakin gets kicked out of the Jedi order, because the Jedi found out about anakin and Padme getting married!

    Dooku and Sidious/Palpatine, use the bounty hunter, Aurra Sing, to lure or trap Anakin, where they can turn him to the dark side!

    The jedi are now figuring out what is really going on, Mace, Obi Wan and another Jedi, say, Plo Koon or Ki adi Mundi, go to put a stop to Dooku once and for all. They travel to depts of Corusant. Here they come upon Anakin, Dooku, and Aurra Sing. Before they are interrupted by the Jedi, Dooku tells Anakin, he is his father. Along the same lines as Vader told luke, except Anakin already has new hand! Anakin searches within the force(as did Luke), and realizes the truth.

    Enter the Jedi. Dooku and his old friend, Mace Windu begin to fight, Obi-Wan starts fighting Aurra Sing, whom also has Force ability, and the other jedi fights Anakin.

    Palpatine was with Dooku and they confronted Anakin, but left when he sensed the Jedi near by, thus keeping his role un-noticed, until later in the movie!

    Anakin fights the Jedi, because they kicked him out of the order, and he never actually felt acepted, because most of them origianlly said no to his training.

    As all six are fighting, Dooku begins telling Anakin to join him, and together they can bring order to the Galaxy! The way Vader Tempted looked! But more when Luke was on board the Falcon, and Vader was on the Star Destoyer. Using a telepathic power!

    By doing this Dooku becomes vulnerable, and Mace strikes Dooku with a fatal blow! This enrages Anakin. Anakin feels the hatred swelling inside, and kills the Jedi he is fighting, and rushes over and kills Mace Windu! Obi Wan has to stop anakin, he either kills Aurra Sing, or she escapes!

    Enter the stage for the battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin! Of course we know that Obi-Wan has to destroy Anakin. Anakin somehow is knocked into the pit of molten lava, but survives! Palpatine rescues anakin and completes his training, Thus Anakin is now dead, and we welcome the rise of Darth Vader!


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