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    Cool Austin Powers 4 - For Your Thighs Only

    British newspaper, The Daily Express, are claiming that Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo), has been cast in the 4th installment of the Austin Powers franchise, working title (until MGM sue them) "For your Thighs Only".

    What's your thoughts on this? Personally I don't have a problem with this, and I'm sure the writers will come up with some good gags about her bottom .

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    Sounds great! Funny title. Where do they come up with them ? J-Lo is a good chick to have in this movie. Very hot, but can still be funny. Hope the story line is better this time. I'd like for them to get away from the whole time travel thing. I mean, enough already. Pick a decade and stay there. Know what I mean?
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    I hope its at least as stupid or stupider than the last one, so I can have fun trashing it.
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    SOUNDS COOL!!!!!!
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    Bah! I'll reserve judgment when I see the movie, but I think J-Lo was a bad pick. Her acting skills are poor and they are only using her because she is the "Hollywood woman of the hour". And Mike Meyers, lay off the poop jokes. You can be funny without them...
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    Goldmember is the best in the series, I hope they don't go backward with a 4th one.

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    Soooo. . . . will Dr Evil and Fat You-Know-What still be good guys?
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    Mike Myers is such a funny guy so I don't have a clue why he is even considering making #4. IMO the first film was an interesting idea but after two completely juvenile sequels he should just move on to something else.
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    Well, the third movie had a lot more vulgar "toilet humor," but it was still funny. I really don't see how they can go wrong with this one.

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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    Soooo. . . . will Dr Evil and Fat You-Know-What still be good guys?
    I would prefer it, since they set up perfectly in GoldMember for Scott to be the head bad guy. But since time travel pops up in all these movies, Scott could snag copies of Dr. Evil, Mini-Me, and Fat Bastard from the past. Doubt he'd go for Mini-Me though, since he hates him so much. And there is Frau Farbisina and Number 2 that would likely side with Scott.

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