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    Lightbulb 12" Jek Porkins

    Does anyone else think this would be a great 12" figure. It would both make a change from the usual slim body sculpt, and it would go brilliantly with the Luke X-Wing, Wedge and Biggs dolls.
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    Yeah, I suppose

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    the problem here is that hasbro can't even get around to using their current G.I. joe bodies for their non military line. they still use the old crap body. there's no way they'd make a whole new body for a fringe character.

    but nevertheless, as a 12 inch collector, i'd like to see him made.

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    They could always put 2 bodies together and call it Jek Porkins
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    If they did do it, would it be a molded "fat" body or would they just stuff a uniform with padding to make it look heavier, but still use a generic "slim" body?
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    he could come with a bag of potato chips and have crumbs stuck to his uniform. I put my vote in for a Jek.

    What was the characters name who was Luke's harpoon gunner in ESB? Dax or something? I would like to see him so I can have him kicking the crap out of Luke for leaving him in the ship to die.
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