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    how to store my figures

    I just went through every collectors nightmare - the way i stored my mint figures did not work. I had my figures put away in an upright position in the 30 gallon plastic containers but some of them are bending. I need ideas on how to properly store my collection. I dont have enough money to buy star cases for each and every one of my figures. Any suggestions will be welcomed, but the cheaper the better. Please leaves ides in this post. Thank you

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    Unfortunately, it's inevitable that figures in no sort of support device will begin to warp or bend. Ideally, the best way to store figures would be in Star Case-type devices and laying them flat on their cardbacks - that way gravity is not an issue.

    I'm sure you'll get some various advice on how to avoid storing your collection in Star Case-type devices, but I think it's inevitable that you'll need them if you want to keep your collection looking as nice as possible for as long as possible.

    You may want to put your collection on hold for a little while and, instead, save your money for some Star Cases or other holders. When you buy them in bulk, you can get them for as little as $1 a piece.

    Best o' luck.


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    I use the rubbermaid containers called "Wrap and Craft containers" they are long and deep containers that come with two trays inside to hold various holiday wrapping stuff. Open them and the two trays can be taken out. Then place the carded figures on thier side and alternate it so they support one another untill you take up the whole length of the container. There should still be enough room to even lay some on top of before closing the lid. I have about seven of these containers holding the bulk of my 400+ collection and they work great. Just make sure that you don't stack high bubbled cards on top because they may not clear when the lid is closed and it could smash it, not to mention the characters below. Save your 30 gallon containers for the boxy stuff like cinema scenes, beasts, etc. It is getting near summer so finding the containers could be tough ( I had a hell of a time finding them untill Christmas rolled around again) but maybe if you contact Rubbermaid they can hook you up. Good Luck
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    I use 50 gallon totes to store mine. They hold up pretty good without warping or bending. Just place them front to front and line up tight in a row. Just stack in the opposite direction for the next row.
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    Originally posted by JangoFart
    Unfortunately, it's inevitable that figures in no sort of support device will begin to warp or bend.

    The weather and temperature in your area will effect this also. If it's not possible to lock your collection in an air conditioned and humidity free room, then you may want to buy a few Star Cases (at least for your favorites.)

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    I used to store mine in comic book long boxes, they're the right size for figures one behind the other. I think if you had them back to back, then bubble to bubble alternating, the figures would support each other a little bit to boot. Good luck, this is a dilemma I don't envy. I used to hang my favourite carded figures on the wall in comic bags as well, none of them ever suffered any damage over the 3 years I collected figures that way. Good luck with this, if all else fails have a huge opening session, I did and I'd highly recommend it. You'll need a few rubbermaid bins for your loose figures though, should you choose this drastic option.


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    Look, Fart is 100% right. You can get the Star Case #1 as low as 69 cents each on e-bay. You only need the #2 for the Saga cards. Buy a few at a time, but when you buy a case of 50 of #2's, the shipping is free.
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    I stack mine upright in Yaffa blocks. Since I never intend to sell them, and I do enjoy pulling them out like they are books to read, I really don't mind a minor bend in the package. By the time my collection gets sold, I'll be dead! (Hopefully not in jail, having to sell to make bail money)
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    Star Cases are without a doubt the way to go. Then you can display them on your walls and make your room look better than the Death Star.

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    A prob ive also had!! im runnning out of room fast and more and more momc figs come in all the time! I need a spare room or somehting! even if i do get containers which i have pondered i still wont have room for the containers! so it seems like a lose lose situation to me..


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