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    Thumbs down Moving is the worst.....

    Okay, Im here to tell you moving stinks. I don't mind living in a new place so much, but the process of getting from A to B is a nightmare. Here's my sad story.....

    The day we received our household effects from the movers, things were going fine. (Some of you have read this rant before, you can skip to the ensuing dialogue if you're bored at this point - JJR) Then all hell broke loose. First, one of the dimwits movers comes lumbering into my new house with 4 boxes of comics stacked akwardly on his trolly. Ends hanginig off, boxes bending under the total weight of this heavy load. In my mind's eye, I can clearly see my many years of Spidey books getting demolished due to this neanderthal's ignorance. Ugly. After I politely told him to discontinue this practise, another nightmare: minutes later, the same guy comes up to me with a whole handful of loose 3.75" accessories from my Star Wars figures. Like 10 loose articles, ranging from Cantina set cups to guns to a gas mask. He asks me point blank "Do you have any idea which box these are from? There's tons more lying in the truck." Now, Im very, very careful about not losing things like this. All my figures are complete since POTF2. I have lost nothing, no easy task. Biting my lip, I asked him to show me where he found these. Entering the truck, I see my large rubbermaid tower on it's back. No longer wrapped in the blanket and taped shut, as it had been upon leaving my house. I managed to scoop up another handful of stuff, seeing through teary eyes.

    I stayed up super late trying to account for the losses, it took me hours. Grand total - at least 5 pcs missing so far, with accessory sets and stuff missing an unknown number of pcs. Some things that are gone I can't replace without getting entirely new figures - binders from a Bespin Guard, DF Padme's pistol, Bespin Luke's blaster, etc. For a guy like me, I can't imagine a worse thing to have happen to my toys. Moving stinks.

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    I don't like moving either, and hopefully I have for the last time.

    I moved into my new house in August, and it went OK. The movers were good for the most part.

    One trick about moving SW figs I learned, was to put them in ziplock bags before packing them in the containers. So if they spill, hopefully the bag will keep everything together. I moved a lotin the last several years, and that worked well.

    Sorry to hear about what happened though JJR
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    Thanks. The part that ticked me is that they unwrapped the tower before bringing it in the house. My rubbermaid bins came in fine because they left them the way they were! I should have known, and looking back should have packed each drawer of the tower with paper the way I did the bins. That would have acted as a barrier to prevent the escape of the accessories. I still have to blame the movers, though. Everything was fine until they started to offload.

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    What condition did those poor comics end up in?
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    heartbreaking. If I move I will transport my toys myself. Not gonna live that tragedy.
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    Anytime I've moved I personally transport the items that I don't care to have someone else be responsible for. My CD collection, toys and electronics are always packed, transported and unpack by myself. Dreams of what happened to you JJ are what keep me paranoid about relying on someone else to do the work. Good luck, I hope the damage was minimal.
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    Sorry to hear about that mess JJR. I counted every address I have lived at throughout my life, and I have moved on avaerage, once every 2 years. After being at my current residence for the past 2 years, I thought I was bound to keep this pattern up since I live in a one bedroom, and I've had my son here with me since Christmas. I e-mailed his mother to find out if he would be staying up here for the next school year. I wanted to find out if I was going to have to rent a 2 bedroom place. After not hearing from her, and having two, 2 bedroom places fall through, I went ahead and renewed my lease here. I'm still not positive as to what is going to happen in the future. I guess I'll just have to see next year when my lease comes up for renewal.

    About two moves ago, I was having some friends help me move. These two guys had my Yaffa blocks of SW figures, one guy had the bottom, and the other guy the top. Well, the Yaffa blocks snapped apart and my figures flew everywhere. I almost had a heart attack. Now I've added so many pieces to my collection, that I don't want to move, at least not for awhile.
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    I just moved last November after living in the same place for 8 years. Having worked for a high end A/v retailer as a delivery manager I know some people do not give a crap about other peoples crap. So I moved everything myself. My theater, and Star Wars figures were the last to leave the old house, and the first in the new house, and I'm proud to say not one thing (of mine) was damaged during the move. If you want it done right, then you have to do it yourself sadly.
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    I'm 28 and I have moved 11 times (7 times w/ parents and 4 times by self) in my life. You would think that it gets easier, but just the opposite as you accumulate more stuff as time passes. The time that I moved out of my first apartment was the best as I had alot of old junk that I just threw in the dumpster and replaced. It sure was funny to see the neigbhors watch in horror as my brother and I flung chairs, a desk and a broken tv from the second floor deck like we were madmen! It just took less energy then lugging them down the stairs.
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    Yea that is great. Throwing Stuff out the window. Hee Hee I moved 3 times in less than a year when I first moved out. I didn't have much stuff. I have alot of SW stuff but not an entirely large amount like some of the collections I have seen on here. But if I ever do move,(using movers) I will keep in mind to take my SW by myself. How much does it cost to use a moving company?
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