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Thread: Best EU Figure?

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    Question Best EU Figure?

    I don't think this thread has been done before...
    So, there were nine EU figures originally released, but which one was the best? I like the Darktrooper and the Imp Sentinel, plus Mara Jade. What about the rest of you?
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    I loved the Grand Admiral Thrawn figure though not his "fur stole"
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    I have them all and don't really like any of them, I would rather have had 9 figs from the real story...
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    I don't have all of them but from the ones I do have I like the Thrawn one.

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    Thumbs up

    I like the Darktrooper. It is one of the biggest figures I have seen in any of the Star Wars figure assortment.

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    I have all nine figures. The one I like best is Space Trooper. It is just the best looking figure.

    The worst is Kyle K.
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    I rather like Dark Luke. He's got a nicely sculped hair style and he can hold his lightsaber and gun really cool.
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    Originally posted by Sith Worm
    I have them all and don't really like any of them, I would rather have had 9 figs from the real story...

    Then why buy them? I like Grand Admiral thrawn and the Imperial sentinel figures
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    I gotta go with the Spacetrooper out of the nine as the best figure, though the Darktrooper and the Imperial Sentinal are hot on it's heels.

    Infact I loved the line, to bad it lasted for only 9 figures, there were so many wonderful ideas that could have been made.

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    Of the ones that I have it's a tie between the Senteniel and the Spacetrooper.


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