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    I don't want to stop collecting, but...

    It's getting to the point where I am so despondent about the possibility of finding anything new on the shelves that I'm not bothering to look anymore.

    We all know the trial of driving from store to store to store looking for the new figure that we KNOW has been released because it's plastered all over EBay, but whereas it seemed like, even six months ago, I was able to find stuff if I looked hard enough, now I can't find ANYTHING.

    I never saw a Deluxe Clone Trooper, and eventually had to break down and order one off EBay (which required several weeks of looking for the best price I could get). Never saw an Ephant Mon. Still haven't seen any of the new Action Fleet vehicles like the Republic Assault Ship, Gunship, or Slave I.

    I guess my question is, and pardon me for asking it because I am sure it has been asked a thousand times but I've never run across it in a thread, WHY is it getting so difficult to find the new items?

    I want to say it's Hasblow's crappy distribution, which has always been an issue, but like I said, I used to be able to find the figures and vehicles and playsets I wanted, distribution notwithstanding.

    Therefore, the only other thing I can come up with is - EBay. It has to be the scalper's fault, right? They come in, buy all the new stuff as soon as it hits the shelves, which is why all I can find is the Republic Gunship Pilot wave warming pegs all over the greater Boston area...

    Is this an East Coast thing? Are we just ridiculously behind in terms of getting fresh figures?

    It's really getting to the point where I am considering giving up on my collection and resigning myself to picking up what random things I run across.

    Can anyone offer a ray of hope?

    - Scack
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    Last new wave out in Canada was the Endor Han wave.........

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    I think the days of the scalpers hitting the retail stores at all hours of the day are either gone, or going fast. The problem is with the retailers themselves - they are simply not ordering enough product to satisfy the demand. They got burned on EP1 figures and were told via a memo that Big George learned his lesson, EP2 was going to be a hit with the adults, and the toys would fly off the shelves.

    As they look at those same toys on the same shelves 1 year later, they are in no big hurry to order more figures so the same nobodys can line up to buy them that are buying their current pegwarmers. There's the occasional case or two that gets put out and snarfed up by the lucky few who happen to be in the right place at the right time. However, since there is no constant influx of shipments to intercept, the role of the classic scalper seems to be more and more minimized.

    Most of the larger eBay sellers are not Joe Blows who happen upon a few Carkoon Fetts - they are sellers who get their shipments directly from Hasbro. I think Hasbro must be more lax on who they ship to nowadays. I would think they would have to; with only so many orders coming from the retail chains.

    Open your eyes, folks. I think we're witnessing a major change in the distribution of Star Wars figures/vehicles. In the future, you can look back and say you were there


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    If you've been on the forums for a while (either at SSG or another collector's site) you've probably seen many other posts like yours that have commented on the same thing. At times I feel the exact same as what you've described: can't find Deluxe Cloney, can't find Ephant Mon, can't find (insert almost anything here).

    All I can say that may be some comfort is try to change your attitude. Hasbro and SW retailers certainly won't be improving their distribution system any time soon so you'll have to change your outlook. Either have the attitude of "if I can't find it in the stores but I really want it get it online" or "if it's not on the peg, I'll do without or just wait."

    It's frustrating, I know. I had to have the wait-and-see outlook since the last wave that came out around last December until just this week when my wife scored and found a ton of new stuff at WM for me. I didn't get all the figures I wanted even then, but if I could at least find some then there's a glimmer of hope that the others will show up soon.

    Just remember that it's a hobby. If it starts becoming frustrating or not fun, maybe you need a break for a while and focus on something else.

    Good luck.
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    I'm having the same problems. Sure, I find a few bits and pieces from a wave here and there, but it's usually way after the initial release date. I'm pretty sure it took about 6 months for a Deluxe Clone to show up, but by that time I passed on it...

    Today I managed to come across the new Hoth Han, Chewie and Carkoon Fett. And I only walked away with the Han. My problem nowadays isn't so much the distribution (or lack there of) but quality. I'm tired of getting these sub-standard toys when there are so many other toy lines (and companies) out there doing it right, or at least trying a little bit harder. I'm tired of the action poses, I'm tired of the action gimmicks. They're just not like they used to be and I don't find myself terribly excited to find new stuff like I used to be. I honestly believe that my days of collecting any Star Wars toys are coming to an end. I'm going to buy a few more pieces to fill out the displays I'll eventually put up and then that's it...

    Sorry, Hasbro, I'm just about done...

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    Such despair!

    I too have had difficulty finding anyting new. OK - let's face it - I have not seen anything new at retail (my best Target in the area had 5 Padme Arena's 3 deluxe Hoth - YIKES!!!). I even open - so bend the card - I DON'T CARE!!!! (sorry to those MOMC of you...)

    That does help though. Recently I found a bunch of newer releases online that were not mint - and therefore cheap. I've almost gotten to the point where I will wait for a sale - any sale - to get the figures at markdown vs. paying full price. A new game - and easier on the wallet.

    Still, I'm dying for the Hoth Han - and will search relentlessly again in a vain hope that a new case has been put on the pegs somewhere....

    Oh well.

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    I can tell you that it isn't an East Cost thing, I have found the new toys here and I live in New England.

    As for giving up on Star Wars, about 5 months ago I was going to. It was a combo of lack of finding anything and lack of quality. I was blown away at the stuff Toy Biz was putting out and didn't even really look at the Star Wars section. Not until the newest waves I found at a Walmart did my interest start kicking again. And after seeing the Clone Wars line, I am totally into Star Wars again.
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    I don't want to stop collecting, but...
    then don't.

    We all have our frustrations over the new stuff not showing up. Me I am kinda lucky since I haven't seen much stuff but have been unemployed for the last year anyway. It kinda balanced itself out. Now that the new stuff is on its way and I have started a new job, I will be really into it again. Especially since my new job is next to a TRU, a different Wal-mart and a Target. Just take a few weeks off and relax. New stuff is on the way.
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    patience, patience, patience. the 3 guide words any collector must live by. i had not seen a new fig since the turn of the year. and yet within the last week i've nearly caught back up. i have seen ephant a couple of times. for awhile deluxe clones were warming the pegs. i'm even starting to see the gunship return to the shelves.

    if you're getting frustrated going from store to store, then don't. take some time off, remember why you collect star wars (or any toy) in the first place. also remember that if you think it's the fault of eBay that you can't find anything, purchasing items from eBay simply furthers the disease.


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