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    What are you doing...(for mother's day)

    What our you doing this mothers day for your mom?
    I going to make a breakfest in bed.I also made a her a card.

    Tell us what you are doing for your mommy May 11?
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    Whoa you scared me then! Mother's day was on the 30th March here in the UK, though I'd almost forgotten it then .

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    I haven't planned anything yet. I still got over 24 hours to think of something. Plenty of time.
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    Flowers and a mushy, lovey hearts and pastels card. Since I normally give CDs or humorous cards, it won't seem as cliched for me.

    Mom, you rock!
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    NES Monopoly.
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    I dont know,since you live in the same house with me CTM,I'll let you do all the work and I'll just sign my name at the end.

    Actually..making her a card,and we're going shopping that morningOh and I also sent her this cool card off of Star Wars Kids.
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    Mothers day falls within a week of my Mom's birthday, so my brothers and myself are buying her flowers/cards/treats for Mum's day and then buying her the regular stuff for her birthday.
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    I found three cards for my mom, and mailed them to her. I will give her a call later on today. My mom has been battling cancer for several years now, so I try to visit her every couple of months and take my son with, because it's looking like he'll be going back to Florida for the next 2 years to live with his mom (again).
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