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    Talking "Return of the King" (LOTR)- SPOILERS- let the fanboy whining commence!!

    Found this on some LOTR sites and figured i'd share some random "spy" info from a "credible" source. Granted, it is JUST A RUMOR, but i figured i'd share it and get some feedback. I knew they were going to leave out the "Scouring of the Shire" and i was curious to see how they'd get rid of Sauruman and Grima, but this is just crazy.....also included is some random info about Aragorn. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS AHEAD.

    have a friend who told me about Return of the King, first thing, Sauron will be standing off against Aragorn in hand to hand combat.

    Men of Gondor surround them both and Legolas shouts "Aragorn!" as a warning, then Aragorn with Anduril in hand rushes the Dark Lord who looked like he was in different armor than when we saw him in the prologue. It is not an even fight and Aragorn is nearly knocked to death as the countdown to the destruction of the ring begins. I guess the goal is to make the audience wonder if the ring will be destroyed before Aragorn is smeared all over Mordor!

    Another thing I saw was the death of Saruman. Grima slits Saruman's throat and kicks him over the edge of Orthanc where he is impaled on the wheel, then Legolas shoots an arrow high into the air and is laughed at by Grima as it soars over his head, as Grima is mocking the seemingly inaccurate Legolas the arrow comes spiraling down straight through Grima's skull!

    Now, i've never been a fan of the scouring of the shire, but this just doesn't float with me. No breaking of the staff? No final duel w/ Gandalf? C'mon Peter Jackson. tsk tsk
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    Huh. The Aragorn/Sauron duel might be cool...

    but the Grima/Legolas thing sucks. I really hope that part isn't true. Seems way too comical...and how the hell would the arrow turn around, anyway?

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    It's the same way Zartan killed Serpentor. If the target is far enough away, you must shoot the arrow waaay above their heads (rather than directly at them) and the arc brings it back down SWACK!

    PJ said he wanted to send Saruman out as an homage to Dracula somehow (it's a Christopher Lee thing). Not sure what the impaling on a wheel is though...
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    First off- I didn't read one post here. I'm just replying to give a Great Big

    THANK YOU!!!!

    For posting the "Spoilers" tag in your thread title. I like to meet and discuss upcomming movies, but don't like reading spoilers. Most of the time I don't even get into the discussions untill after I see the movie to aviod this, as someone normally will post tons of spoilers in the tread.

    Thanks, and I wish everyone would be this careful.

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    this was also disscussed in a LOTR forum and it sounds like B.S!!

    If sauron comes back to fight aragorn that defeats the whole purpose of mouth of sauron and the whole thing that gandlaf says...."he cannot take PHYSICAL FORM unless he has the ring" and obiviously he wont have the ring if frodos about to destroy it!!

    I mean i do wanna see sauron in ROTK but i just dont know how PJ's goin do it and still make sense! Looking at it in a movie POV i can see how the "main" bad guy has to make an appearence b4 the whole thing is over! Sauron is THE LORD OF THE RINGS so ...i dunno just goin have to wait and see!

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    It is probably out there on the net right now as we speak.
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    If these stories are from the books (which they are), then how can any information about the films be a "spoiler?"

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    Stillakid- cause that's not even close to what happens in the book.
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