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    What was the last film you felt like going back and seeing again?

    What was the last film you felt like going back and seeing again in the theater? I don't mean like going again "simply because a friend hasn't seen it yet", I mean like "4 days after the film you plan to go back ASAP and pay full price and it doesn't matter who goes with you, those ignorant philistines can rot if they want to miss out for all I care" type of movie.
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    i saw x-men last sunday, and again on thursday.

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    I am thinking.....Twin Towers,I wanted to, though I didn't do it.

    Hmm....the last time I actually did it.......


    It may have been Pulp Fiction...
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    Man, I don't go to the movies that much. The last one I saw twice was EP1. The last movie I saw was EP2.

    I hate the movies. They are overpriced, uncomfortable, and peoples cell phones and babies go off religiously.
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    X2 last Saturday.
    We saw it at 3pm and again at 9pm. I plan on possibly seeing it a third time, I might wait for it to hit the budget cinema.

    Before X2, it was House of 1000 Corpses and before that it was Attack of the Clones.

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    I'd say E2 or the Two Towers.I like kidhuman hate movie theatres for the same reasons and would rather wait for things to come out on DVD.
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    I probably won't get to see it in the theater again, but I want to!
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    X2....I love going to the theater. My problem is I love the popcorn at a theater chain in St. Louis and I can't find any like that in Chicago. Also, I get discounts at the theater so 2bucks for a movie is it's by my school and right next door to my gym.......go workout.....go eat popcorn.....

    My work schedule for the fire department allows me lots of time duringthe day to check out the movies.....

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    The Twin Towers and AOTC IMAX were the last 2 that I wanted to see more than once. I haven't been to X2 or Matrix yet, although maybe this weekend.
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    The last movie I felt like seeing again was Star Trek Nemesis. I really enjoyed that movie and I planned on a second viewing, but I didn't get a chance...
    The last movie that I actually did see twice was AOTC, and I really wanted to see it more than that. I saw TPM three times within the first week of its opening and I wanted to try to beat my record with Episode 2.

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