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    Talking Rediscovering the joy of collecting!

    Well, everyone here knows it has been dry lately, drier than a double sunny day on Tatooine in the summer.

    I personally spent almost 4 months without finding a new figure on the pegs. There have been findings and rumors of findings. But, for too many of us, it has all been for not. To compound matters some of the stuff Hasbro has turned out during it's "Blue Period" has been less than satisfactory. Many collectors have turned from their completist ways, myself being one of them.

    Yes, I was once a completist, before the dark times, before the SAGA!

    These are the times that try men's soul. To collect or not to collect? That, is the question, wheather it is better to suffer the low quality and poor distribution of Hasbro, or to move on.

    There are many that feel as I do. But to these, who are legion, I say "Do not give in to hate".

    I say, find new ways to keep the hobby alive, back during my rookie (and novice) days I spent much of my time trading with fellow on-line collectors, I was only burned twice. I got out of trading a while back , for numerous reasons. However, I have re-discovered the fun and joy of trading. The biggest problem is all the people who want the "newest wave", who I usually ignore. However, if you can find a good trader you can fill holes in your collection.

    Other ways to have fun with the hobby:

    Buy one of those $20.00+ (or a $300.00 FF Weequay) figures you have been wanting. With all the money you have been saving from lack of new stuff you should have more than enough cash.

    Collect a line you don't own, be it SOTE, EU, EP1 or some cool non-SW line (may I suggest the Transformers re-issues).

    Spend some quality time with your current collection. Mix it up a little. If you are like me, and hang 'em on the wall in Star cases then re-arrange them. If you're a loose collector build a new diorama, or buy a new Ultrarama (with the money you have saved...).

    Buy some new supplies ie Star Cases (with all the money you have saved...).

    The point is, get creative here.

    My personal solution has been to complete my POTJ collection. But not just the regular figures mind you. As I said earlier, I am a carded collector, but I also enjoy colleting Non-US carded figures. As luck would have it some folks here were willing to trade (or buy/sell) some Canadian stuff. Then I was fortunate enough to find a great deal on many of the remaining figures from (yes I told them SSG sent me). With a little more research I was able to find the remaining figures I needed from just 2 other websites. So now, within a month or two I will have one of the most comprehensive POTJ collections ever.

    My point is, don't let Hasbro turn you away, sure times are tough, the thrill of the hunt seems all but gone, but remember, there are many ways to enjoy collecting.

    MTFBWY and Happy Hunting!
    May the force be with you.

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    Great thread Killer. I was able to fill most of the gaps in my collection about 2 years ago when the POTJ line was hard to find. Back in 96 and on I bought 2 of every figure, thinking I would keep one carded and one opened for display. Well that never happened, so I traded, bought and sold on e-bay and was able to complete most lines. The only ones I don't have are the Shadows and EU lines. I also collect many Non-US lines. I have the German LPC collection of 10 (my favorite), Euro one logos, Candian square/uncut cards, Japanese THX orange cards, very rare Japanese THX Green cards, Japanese OC with Stand up bubbles. I almost bought a complete set of the POTJ big 8 cards, but the deal fell through. Soyeah now is a good time to find deals on e-bay and the trade lists. I'm currently trying to find all the Astro droids loose that have been released. I just need R2-B1, The red unit from the queens ship (goes for 30+ on e-bay)and thanks to Killer I'm getting a R2-Q5.
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    Hey, this is a great thread! Of the things you mentioned to keep the joy alive, there are three that I've definitely been thinking about. The first, and easiest thing to do is, like you said, mix it up a little. Sometimes just moving a few figures around on the wall is enough to really make your display more interesting. Second, I agree with the idea of buying one of those $20+ figures you've always wanted. I've never ordered online before, but I'm seriously thinking about doing it. Tops on my wish list are Tessek, FX-7, POTJ Lando, E1 Padme w/Ascension Gun, and R2-B1. Third, those Transformers re-issues are really cool! I haven't bought any yet (I've been holding out for reissued G1 Dinobots), but I'm really tempted. I may just have to go to Toys R Us this afternoon and see what's there!
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    Hmm, the TRU stuff may be a bit difficult to find locally. I suggest ordering from their website. I also recommend the Takara "Collection" book style re-issues.

    I found most of the TRU stuff at retail, but they were about as easy to find as Ephant Mon, that is to say I only ever saw them once (except Ultra Magnus).
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    I finally broke down and bought the new Tusken Raider that has been eluding me months now at a Collectibles shop and paid double the cost of retail ($9.99) but I've been having fun with this guy all weekend! He is an amazing figure.

    Definitely money well spent and now I am all gung ho for the line again.

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    Army building

    I have been going back and picking up some figures to fill out my armies. Right now I am collecting royal gaurds because there are about a million of them out there! Plus I have a pre-order down for a shuttle through EE so I have picked up a few extra endor troopers.

    I am a loose collecter so mostly I just go through my boxes of figures and admire. Plus I am tinkering with the idea of painting my vintage shuttle bright white and adding some dark gray detail for a diorama of the Emperor's arrival. It is hard thinking about not being able to find new stuff, but there is so much out there for star wars fans that at least it is easy to stay busy!!
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    A very refreshing attitude on these boards. There is still a lot of fun in collecting. I too used some recent sales to round out the POTJ offerings. Can't wait to get them.

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    There is alot of neg stuff in toy collecting land of late, but I am having more fun now more than ever. Looking forward to finishing the Saga line and moving onto Clone Wars line. I like to know how many people are still buying two of every thing? One to open and one to keep for display. I still doing that but I only collect Star Wars 3 1/2 figs, no 12", and only the ships I like. Of course I would like to finish by vintage loose collection. Last 15 to go. ($$$$) Is buy two cards too much? I know I spent alot to money in the last 7 years. But I had alot of fun too!

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    I end up getting about two of everything, but I open it all. I have to interact with everything, it just wouldnt' be fun for me if I didn't open them. I have a few things still in the box that I am leaving alone just because I don't have the room to take them out, but it is killing me!!
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    Rediscovering the joy of collecting!

    Nice thread, sith_killer_99.

    Here's what I've been doing during the DARK times:

    I've customized some figures
    During a recent ComiCON here in Pittsburgh I picked up some really great deals:
    8 Stormtroopers (Buff ones mix from orange and green cards.) $2.50/ea.
    2 Imperial Gunners $2.50/ea.
    6 TIE Pilots $2.50/ea.
    6 Stormtroopers (Commtech) $3/ea.
    1 Clonetrooper Pilot $2.50
    2 Geonosian warriors $2.50/ea.
    4 of the 12in Cantina Band members at only $50 for all four of them at $12.50 EACH great buy there.
    NEW Boba Fett (Okay so I splurged here and got him for $10. One of the VERY rare times I pay more than retail.)

    I am one of those who lucked out and found Aayla Secura, Barris Offee, Lama Su w/ Clone boy, Anakin. In fact Amy Allen was at the comicon and I had her sign my Aayla figure and my copy of the Star War comic with her character on it. (The one Lucas decided to have Aayla in the movies) Can't remember the number issue off hand but it's the one where she is the only thing on the cover basically, looking like she's jumping down towards you.

    Last year I posted that I was planning on building a 9ft long super star destroyer. While those plans were put on hold, I am now building a Republic Cruiser (Approx 6 1/2 ft long). This mostly because it fits with the timeline of the prequels and will be easier to do. I'm making it out of foamcore and then designing in Adobe Illustrator and then Photoshop the "Panels" for the hull of the ship. I'm going to try and convince our premiere movie theater here in Pittsburgh to display it along with some of the toys in their lobby area.

    Also, I finally broke down and bought the elusive 3 3/4in cantina members. I bought all 5 at once. (Okay so it's the same figure, but it comes with 5 instruments) I paid more than what I usually like to but I think all things considered I got a good deal. They were all sealed and I got them for $70 total for all 5. ($15/each)

    I'm also developing a Sabaac deck of cards and am almost complete with the design. I hope to forward this to both Lucasfilm and then whomever would be incharge of publishing the card deck.

    So, all in all, while it has been slow on the "NEW" toy front, I've been keeping myself very busy and accomplishing many of the other things I've been wanting to do for sometime now. Not only do I have the money now to do those things but the time. (Although I still go on the hunt 5 times a week) Hey, at least this way, I've met many other collectors like myself and we share stories. So while not finding anything, it's still a "fruitful" experience.
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