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    Boba Fett Unleashed Revealed!!

    The latest issue of the Star Wars Insider (#68) features our first look at the Boba Fett Unleashed Figure. As rumored, it is Fett fighting for his life against the Sarlaac Monster. It's part of a new Insider column called "Toy Box" with Hasbro's Star Wars Marketing Director Andy Espenshade.

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    hmm. not what i saw in the movie, but it looks good!
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    Ugh! I mean, it's not bad, but can't Hasbro just give us a good regular Boba Fett for the unleashed line?!?!?! Like him taking off or shooting his blaster and taking off or something like that?!??! No, they have to give us, "Boba Fett: least for the next few seconds before he dies"

    This one will hafta grow on me, sadly.
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    I like Boba but that is.... well.... I don't like that.....
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    Actually I think it's him escaping the sarlacc based on the EU stuff. Doesn't look very good, it seems more like he's dumping tons of ketchup on it. The blast also looks very similar to the Carkoon Fett released this year, lack of originality.. The detail of Boba himself isn't very good either, and the Sarlacc is dissapointing. Something like that should be a deluxe version... Boring..
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    Did someone say ketchup ? ? ?

    Oh boy . . . here we go . . .

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    Uhhhh.....I hope the final Unleashed Fett looks a LOT better.
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    I think it looks pretty cool. I am sure they will make another one, but this one is good. I will purchase.
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    i just looked at it again...ugh! that does suck! the 3 inch boba looks 10x better to me! what are they thinking? hope this is just a prototype...
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    I think it not that bad, but it need a little work......hopefully final product is better.


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