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    Hasbro contest

    Hello I am needing your help my son was one of the Hasbro state contest winners. He received the first shipment of figures but hasnt received any more was wondering if any other winners had gotten theres because we know theres plenty of new figures out on the market now. Also from what we can find out there never was a press release done in our area we would like to hear from other winners and see how big your collection was. His at the time of the contest (Oct. 15 2002) he had 330 figures 509 total pieces he now has about 600 total pieces. And if your from Arkansas and entered but didnt win let us know. Thank you
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    Cool collection, it looks like the collection is more of your collection than your sons. What wave did your son win and what was the deal? You get free figures for a year or something? I never new about it.
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    I wanted to enter my step-son with my collection as his, but my wife wouldn't let me. I tried the arguement of "It will be his when I die though, so technically it is his". But to no avail. I mean the sad puppy dog eyes didn't even work.

    That is a nice collection though.
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    Do you think its fair for an adult to enter a collection as their childrens *when the kid doesn't care anything about it*? I don't. (Not saying that was the case with the winners.) It is just not imaginable to me that a child would have such a large collection on his/her own without the help of a (rich, big spending) parent. Heck, I am an adult and I sometimes have $$$ trouble getting pieces that I need. In my opinion, it would be fair to enter a collection for your child as long as he/she likes star wars and is a fan etc etc but not if she/he doesn't care anything about it.
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    I entered the contest for the 15 and older group. Unfortunatly I found out just a week before the deadline, so I hastily dug through all my hasbro/kenner/galoob toys, took some pictures and submitted them. I didn't have time to set up a good display. You were allowed to submit up to 5 pictures of your collection. At least one photo had to have the person who owned the collection in it. Some of the photos can be seen in the "Collection" area of SSG.
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    So no other winners have this problem?
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    To all who think this is my collection your wrong I only donatied one of the At-At Walkers thats it the rest is his open for him to play with. One of the shuttles and a few other things have been added since the contezst but assure me this its all his.
    My collection if any cares to see is all carded and cosist of about 400 figures plus bout 60 vintage that I had as a kid. As far as the money goes most of his came on clearance and where put up for b-day and x-mas. I dont have hardly and of the ships or beast he gets them all. Thank you

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    Two Imperial Shuttles!!! How could he afford Two Imperial Shuttles? I can't even afford One, and I have a job. What kind of job does he have because I'm thinking about quitting mine so that I can buy the collection that he has. And was that a vintage Tie Fighter Vehicle? How did he get his hands on that or find it for that matter? Are your toys mixed in with his or something like that because I know he's a little young to have bought a Tie Fighter when they came out 20 years ago.

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    I have 2 Imperial Shuttles. One open for my kids and one boxed for me. My kids also have some vintage vehilces and figures that were mine, but are a little worse for wear. None of the "kids" that entered the contest were solely responsible for buying all of their toys. Some kids have parents that can afford them large collections. When POTF2 came out, I started buying 2 of EVERYTHING. My daughter was only 1, and my son was still incubating in my wife's tummy tum, but I knew when they were old enough, they would probably enjoy playing Star Wars with Daddy, and they still do.
    There are very few things that my kids don't have opened. The only basic figs they are missing are the EU. The only beast they are missing is the Eopie, and the only vehicle they are missing is the Millennium Falcon. EVERYTHING else Hasbro has released since 1995, they have one to play with, and I have one carded or boxed.
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    DarthChuckMc is right you can buy two. We most give him cudoss cause his kids collection I think is bigger then my sons. And the shuttles the new one I preorderd it so I had lots of time to get the money the other is vintage its missing some parts but picked it up on ebay for less than $50. The Tie fighter , Jabba playset, Ewok Village, Cloud car, Troop transport and two At-St's are all vintage. My collection does without the vintage stuff and the beast because we cant afford it. But to all who say they cant afford a collection like this then I say Sit back you will and watch E-bay; Buy not the first thing you see, Deals you must seek.
    I will post some pics of my collection soon for those who still doubt
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