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    Sean the Hutt

    going to San Diego and Disneyland

    hopefully i will find some stuff....SD is fairly good at stocking stuff. I have a couple of extra bwings and y wings down in storage...anyone interested? I will bring one or two back if someone is. otherwise I will leave them there for now!

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    Man I wish you lived in the Seattle area. I'm sort of half-a$$ly looking for a Y-Wing. Money is the only thing keeping me from getting one off eBay.
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    Sean the Hutt
    well seattle is not the dark side of the universe! the ywing is cool if u want it I can get it to you...damn near hand delivered if u train goes through Seattle! it's only a 2-3 hour drive to vancouver as well if u ever come up. As for the y wing, It is cool, i imagine it may show up in the next movie, so it may be reproduced by Hasbro, who knows? Talk to you soon,

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    I actually could use the last 2 Star Tours figures I don't have - problem is I don't know which ones they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blast it....

    If the box gets here soon, I'll post. Any helpin would be hot. Thanks for the offer!

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    Sean the Hutt
    r they even out? ur talking about wave 3 right? I have wave 1 I need 2, and 3 if they r out I will buy extras! I will post from San Diego next week

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    So just for the sake of conversation, what would you be willing to sell one of the Y-Wings for?
    "Smeeeeee....Heeeeeee...." -- Kryten 4000

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    Going next week? Damn. The box from my parents should be here by then, it has my Star Tours figures in it. I have all 3 of wave 1, but only 1 of wave two. Unfortunately, I don't know who Im still missing. With any luck, I'll have the box in time to post, that way (maybe) you could scoop me the last 2 I need from wave 2. And as far as wave 3, I don't think they're out yet. Kebco is offering them as a preorder right now.

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    Sean the Hutt
    Hi mase it to sunny San Diego....and nothing but empty pegs here....sad. I am going over sgips now and will get back to you in a couple of days....I have a lot of boxes to go through!

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    Good luck, let us know what's up with any 2003 stuff you may encounter....

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    Sean the Hutt, i too am interested in your y-wing and/or a b-wing and am wondering if you would be willing to sell them to me and how much they would cost me? Let me know what you think.
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