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    lets talk price. whats the B-wing worth to you?
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    I would have to say somewhere between $40 and $35. A couple dollars more and i might as well throw a bid on ebay. I dont know if that amount is as much as you wanted to hear because i realize the desire to make a profit and my desire to get it as cheaply as possible.
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    Sean the Hutt
    let me see what darkross wants to do, then i will get back to you! thanks. Oh I have seen the 12 inch leia amd han big deal! still looking for anakin and swoop bike

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    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Hi again, Sean....finally got my Star Tours figs from my folks. Here's what Im still missing, in case you're still down south....

    Wave 2 - still need DLX2 and R4M9

    Wave 3 - need all 3: G29T, R5D2, and SKZ38

    Any helpin' would be hot!

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    Sean the Hutt
    well dark ross is buying the bwing and ywing, as far as d land is concerned I may not make it this trip...however if I don't I am going to try and order them by phone, I will try and get an extra of each. planet action figure has wave 2 for 10.00 a piece...same as the park price. I am going to do my best to get there before I leave though! I did find the toys r us imperial 4 pack today I am happy with that

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    So you only had one of the Y-Wings for sale?
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    Thanks for the consideration, Sean. Travel safely! Oh, and how much was the 4 pack? Did they have lots? Im calling TRU here to see if we're getting any of these.

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    Sean the Hutt
    i may have an extra b wing...and maybe one more y wing but it will have to wait until I come back down in September...I'm so busy packing and moving stuff. the four packs were only at 1 of the 3 toys r us's I go to. they had about 6 I think, I bought 2. I only wanted the r4 droid, but it is a cool set all the way around. the atst driver has his goggles up on the helmet instead of down over his eyes.a nice touch. If I see them again before I go I will pick up one more for some lucky Canadian.
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    Re: going to San Diego and Disneyland

    i need a b-wing also how much are you selling them for


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