Did anybody else pick up the terrific Anchor Bay two DVD release of "The Incredible Hulk Returns" and "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk ?"

I loved the Hulk as a kid, so I thought this set was worth a trip down memory
lane . . . and a rather inexpensive one at that since Target had it for 15.99 last week - it's now 19.99 (full price).

Anyway, I remembered next to nothing about these cheesy TV reunion movies so watching them was . . . . um . . . . interesting.
Honestly, the movie with Thor was better than I expected it to be, I rather liked the Odinson in this one.

Daredevil in the second movie is kinda weird, what with the recent theatrical release. Still, it's got Gimli the Dwarf as Kingpin . . . and that's about it. Bill Bixby is lookin' smooth in the beard.

I'm surprised they didn't use the Ben Urich character to work as a reporter with the guy who chases the Hulk (played by Jack Colvin methinks ? ).

I think it was a good buy for me, it's worth it for the movie shots of Lou Ferrigno flexing for no apparent reason as well as the interviews with Lou and Stan Lee. Stan cameos in the second film, that was interesting to learn.
There's also a feature length documentary on Lou's return to competitive bodybuilding - it's not germane to the TV show but I still found it pretty interesting.