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    The Incredible Hulk meets Thor and Daredevil !

    Did anybody else pick up the terrific Anchor Bay two DVD release of "The Incredible Hulk Returns" and "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk ?"

    I loved the Hulk as a kid, so I thought this set was worth a trip down memory
    lane . . . and a rather inexpensive one at that since Target had it for 15.99 last week - it's now 19.99 (full price).

    Anyway, I remembered next to nothing about these cheesy TV reunion movies so watching them was . . . . um . . . . interesting.
    Honestly, the movie with Thor was better than I expected it to be, I rather liked the Odinson in this one.

    Daredevil in the second movie is kinda weird, what with the recent theatrical release. Still, it's got Gimli the Dwarf as Kingpin . . . and that's about it. Bill Bixby is lookin' smooth in the beard.

    I'm surprised they didn't use the Ben Urich character to work as a reporter with the guy who chases the Hulk (played by Jack Colvin methinks ? ).

    I think it was a good buy for me, it's worth it for the movie shots of Lou Ferrigno flexing for no apparent reason as well as the interviews with Lou and Stan Lee. Stan cameos in the second film, that was interesting to learn.
    There's also a feature length documentary on Lou's return to competitive bodybuilding - it's not germane to the TV show but I still found it pretty interesting.

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    I saw this at Blockbuster last night and groaned. They hold a special place in the heart though.
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    I saw Lou at last years Wizard World. He's fricking huge. I'm pretty tall myself and he still towered over me, not to metion his four foot wide shoulders. He was clearly a good choice as the Hulk in these old shows. I won't be buying them, but they seems to be worth a rent.
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    Has Lou always been deaf??
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Yes, I saw the two above mentioned movies at Wal-Mart. I'm not really sure about the new movie coming out. The Hulk as a computer animated beast just doesn't cut it IMO. I'd take a Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk, over some cheesy CGI or whatever character anyday.

    Besides, has anyone seen the merchandise they are putting out? I saw a whole 8 foot section at my local Wal-Mart last night, and I was seeing green, and I don't mean money.
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    Yea, they are pushing Hulk Toys real hard this summer. Similar to Star Wars, but at least this time last year Star Wars had about 50 differnt action figs to choose from. Sure, there are about 8 differnt Hulks, but they are all still Hulk. Pretty Pathetic. I've sceen a Bruce Banner but they seem to be 1 to ever 500 Hulks. It's still not worth anything on ebay, wich goes to show that these toys aren't doing to hot. Perhaps when the movie opens next month, but still. Once a kid has a Hulk, does he really need another one? Frankly the Mavel Legends Huld is 10xs better than any one they offer for the movie. Plus, it's bigger with more articulation.

    I like the Hulk, but I smell el floppo .
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    Okay, first off subject:

    1) I think this will be the second or third best film of the year. There's practically no way it will be a better flick than X2, and it may or may not exceed LOTR:ROTK. Still, I'm looking forward to it a lot more than the Matrix sequels. I'm so sick of Matrix right now. I didn't give a rat's butt about sequels to begin with, and I swear I'll scream if I hear anything else about the Matrix. Keanu Reeves needs to be eliminated somehow. And besides, Ang Lee is a better director than those Wa-whosit brothers anyway, and the Hulk is a more interesting character to me than Neo, so I have high hopes for the Hulk movie. (Given the quality of the last several Marvel movies, I doubt I'll be disappointed.)

    2) Some of the Hulk toys may suck, but never underestimate the coolness of those big green foam Hulk gloves. Big green foam Hulk gloves make everything better, similar to the way that bears, Hero Pops, ketchup, or cameo appearances by Jubilee do.

    2a) Keanu Reeves needs to be on the receiving end of a pair of big green foam Hulk gloves, preferably worn by Michael Clarke Duncan.

    And now, the on-subject:

    I picked up this DVD, but haven't been able to watch it yet. (Unfortunately, that seems to happen more often lately. ) I remember the movies being pretty good, and definitely want to watch Trial again to see the bad 80s Daredevil. It's sad that the once-rumored Rebirth of the Incredible Hulk never materialized, and couldn't now since Bill Bixby has passed.

    I wonder how long it will be until the entire series and Death of the Incredible Hulk are available. . . .

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    Scruff - Lou has been deaf since he was a young boy, so it hasn't been for his whole life. He was pretty young when he lost (most of) his hearing, so I find it remarkable that he's been able to become an expert lip reader. His speaking voice is impressive, the first time I heard him talk I did have to really tune in but he was soon very easy for me to understand.

    icatch - I saw Lou at Wizard Worl last year, too ! He was the first autograph I got, even before the "Men Behind the Mask" posse. Lou was definitely a powerful physical presence, it was a real trip to see him !
    He'll be there this year too, hopefully he has some pics from his Hulk cameo - if so, I'll buy another autograph !

    Chux - I am very hopeful that they will release the original series. I was disappointed that it wasn't released first, but I'll take these 2 cheesy flicks instead of nothing at all. My hope is that enough people buy this set (yeah, right ) which would lead to more releases.

    What is the premise of the Death of the Incredible Hulk movie ? I don't remember anything about it . . . are there any other guest appearances by Marvel characters ?

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    Hulk dies, and it makes the other two movies look like masterpieces. There weren't any actual guest shots, but a female mercenary I don't think was based on anyone. Supposedly there was supposed to be a "Rebirth" movie a year later featuring She-Hullk somehow, but it never materialized.
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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    I wonder how long it will be until the entire series and Death of the Incredible Hulk are available. . . .
    I just picked up the 20th Century Fox release of The Death of the Incredible Hulk.

    I also snagged the Universal release of the original television series premiere with a bonus episode "Married."

    Getting the whole series will be interesting . . . will they do a box set of every episode? Will "Married" be inserted into a boxed set as well ? Maybe they won't do a boxed set at all ?

    Oh, the Universal DVD comes with an offer to see The Hulk in theaters for free but I believe it is a mail in offer . . .


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