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    I too have a hit and miss collection. I worship the shelf my AT AT stands on, and I'm quietly proud of my battered Palitoy Death Star.

    I am completely careded-less though. Well, I just bought a recard from E-bay. It's the only way I can do carded on my budget!
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    This is a rough call. I can't really decide so i will have to go with a couple of things.

    1. Complete set of POTF coins
    2. Complete set of Droids and Ewoks mint on mint cards
    3. Carded Yak Face
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    The highlight of my stuff is my collection of carded Stormtroopers and the preproduction sculpt and hardcopy for the POTF stormtrooper coin.
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    This has to go between:

    1. Loose Takara Wind-Up Artoo (great shape, still working)

    2. Falcon in ROTJ box

    3. AT-AT in ESB box

    4. Slave 1 that I got 4 Christmas in 1980 (played with it soooooo many times:happy: !)
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    Damn, i was thinking about it. I would also have to include my bagged wind-up R2-D2. Also my 12 inch Lili Ledy Tusken Raider.
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    I am most fond of my collection of vintage Ewoks and Droids figures from the cartoons. I have all the Ewoks figures and about half of the Droids figures. All are carded and unpunched and some are AFA graded. I'm very fond of them because of the cool, original artwork on the cards; as opposed to a screen-ripped picture.

    Not that screen-ripped pictures are bad, mind you. I just like the originality of the cartoon artwork on the cards. I'm actually hoping that Hasbro will put pics of the cartoon or comic versions of the Clone Wars figures prominently on the cards. But, with the new card design, that probably won't happen.


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    I think it would be between my POTF R2 with Lightsaber, just because of the fantastic condition he's in and also cos it was a birthday present from our kid, and Yak Face, cos I had to sell my original MIB transformers to buy him! - C'mon now... ewoks don't just explode by themselves now, do they?

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    My pride and joy, hmmm

    My skiff is my pride and joy because that is one of the few, complete "scenes "made solely out of vintage figs. No need to supplement because Kenner was pretty complete in making the neccesary aliens. And I had no idea the vintage skiff was rare.


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