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    Your pride and joy

    I have only recently got into collecting vintage figures, what with the yawning abyss that is in place of new figures at retail these days. I'm glad I did! Vintage figures are great fun, and I seem to get more enjoyment from adding them to my collection than I do buying some of the newly recycled stuff Hasbro tends to churn out, when they churn out anything at all.

    Anyhoo, I was wondering what your favorite item is among your vintage collection? My collection is very, very small at present -- 2 carded figures, 2 loose -- so I have to go with my carded ROTJ Vader. Haven't had the thing graded, but I'd guess a 7, due to some light creasing on the card; but the bubble is crystal-clear. It occupies a place of honour among my displayed carded collection.

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    Wow, Vintage figures.........Hmmmm, I haven't looked my collection over in some time now. I must have had an obsession with Stormtroopers back then too, because I have 4 of them carded still in my collection.
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    My pride and joy would be my carded ROTJ Darth Vader. It's in great shape and just looks soo cool and nostalgic in the package. My loose favorite would be Carbonite Han Solo. He's in perfect shape- flawless.
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    Boy I have to say my pride and joy are my original 36 figures (the figures I got as a kid). All have been played with and some are worst for the wear then others. But I have such great memories of playing with them they're worth more to me than other any of the other figures I've since add.
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    My pride and joy of my collection is my set of vintage figures (including the Droids and Ewoks line). I had 95% of them when I was a kid and it's been tons of fun collecting the rest. The set is loose but all are near mint to mint with original weapons.

    If I had to pick out one that is my best I'd have to say it's my Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker from the POTF line. I had him when I was a kid, so it's been in my collection for 20 some years. I loved playing with that fig when I was a kid, because I loved the removable helmet.
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    I would have to say my vintage loose Carbonite Han Solo. I had this as a kid and loved it back then. I remember bugging the heck out of my parents 'til they finally found one and bought it for me.

    My current Han is in excellent shape, I put the coin in a MMC older and put Han next to it. Those Millenium Minted Coin holders make great display pieces for the old POTF coins!
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    Man, I would also have to say my entire vintage collection. I love evry piece that I still own. I have the weapons stored in an old butter container(yes it was cleaned out). Every once and awhile I go back and pull them all out. I don't have many vehicles(I think 1 an AT-ST) and have some beasts still. I want to start buying and filling in the vintage stuff I am missing though.
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    My pride and joy is not simply one piece, but my comprehensive collection of loose/complete figures. I have them proudly displayed in my Star Wars room on expandable stair-step spice racks. Everyone's there from Luke Tatooine to Yakface, including a few custom figures done in the vintage style like Sandtrooper, Han Trooper, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Uncle Owen & Grand Moff Tarkin. Next to the figures props a Polaroid of me as a toe-head kid holding my new Landspeeder complete with Luke, Ben, R2 & 3PO. The photo is dated December 25, 1978. I love that photo! Maybe it's my pride & joy?

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    Mine is my Luke Jedi figure. Yes, it is common. Yes everyone has one, but it was my favorite to play with , and I still love it. Second is my Bespin Han, I loved playing with that one too.
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    My old figures are in a bag in the basement, and the guns and accessories are in a snap box right along with the figures.

    My folks were rather poor so I never got ships or big ticket items, and when our house was hit by lightening I lot a lot of my old star wars toys, and some things never got replaced. But as a kid I drooled over the death star play set.

    And just a few weeks back some guy sold his old star wars collection to my local comic shop. I was amazed at what was sitting on the shelves. An AT-AT, X-wings, Snow and Land speeders, Playsets, Probe Droids and Gun Turrets, and my death star play set...complete minus a support piece, but the foam pieces were still there.

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