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    Neo vs. Luke Skywalker! Who'd Win?!

    I guess this topic was sort of inevidable. Perhaps this has been brought up befor, but now that the Matrix is "reloaded" fresh in our minds we should discuss it again.

    First off, for arguments sake lets just say that Luke is as talented or more so than the Obi Wan and Anakin we've sceen in the PT. I know we don't see great lightsaber dules from Luke in the OT, but we've got to assume that he has the ability to do things as we'll as his father and his teacher.

    Alright, here are my vies. I think that Luke would have him if he had his saber. Neo is the greatest hand to hand fighter ever, but luke would combat any ofensive frot from Neo with his saber. For some reason I don't think Neo could stop a saber from cutting through him the way he did that semitar.

    Now, there is a posiblity that Neo could use a saber too, if that was the case I think he'd win. Assuming he has training on it, wich we know would just be a quick download away. He's probally faster than Luke and can do more amazing things (fly, dodge bullets, ect). I think it would be a long fight, but Neo would come out on top.

    All things being even, I think they would draw more often than not. Would be an amazing fight.

    What do you think?
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    Inside the Matrix man, Neo would win hands down, no contest. Neo took on all of the Agent Smith clones and came out just fine. Neo stops bullets. Neo was able to use some force pull like powers when he grabbed those conclusion, Luke would be taken down like a sissy boy.

    I suppose I should add the stuff about Luke using his lightsaber. Neo most likely has programming in the finer arts of how to use a sword, so using a saber would work for him, and that would leave Luke with just his skills in the force. Throwing stuff at Neo wouldn't work, as Neo can stop projectiles. Pretty much any advantage a Jedi has, Neo would have in the Matrix. Maybe not force lightning, but still, Neo can evade that. I really don't see Luke having any chance.
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    Yes, I see but all the Agent Smith were fighting with were thier fists. A light saber is totally differnt. Neo can use the matrix to his advantage but he still has got to get close enough to Luke to land a punch. If that's the case than Luke cut cut him like a Darth Maul.

    I don't think Neo could "force" pull Lukes saber very easily. He did that to objects on a wall, not objects held in someone hands. Certainly not a powerful force user like Luke.

    Neo's power has always been in Hand to Hand combat. That being the case, Luke's saber would be the determining factor.
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    Yeah, but what makes you think Neo can't use a sword? Morpheus proved he could use one, so you'd expect Neo to be able to handle a saber as well.

    Now if Neo didn't have a saber, then maybe he'd have a difficult time. But still, Neo proved in that balcony/stair scene he could take on weapons. In the Matrix, Neo can do almost anything, and I don't think Luke's saber will be such an advantage.

    I'm a nerd for discussing this.
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    Oh, that changes everything. If both Luke and Neo have lightsabers and they are in the matrix then I think it'd be a draw. I mean they'd both be the best with saber handling. They both can filp and jump all over the place. Only thing Luke can't do is fly and that's used by Neo as an escape tactic. We know Neo can jump miles high, but I bet Luke could do similar. In a saber fight, super high jumps wouldn't be that relavant anyway.

    If only LUke has a saber and they are in the Matrix than I think Luke would win. (though I'm not sure how Luke would combat AK-47's, but lets not think about that ).

    In hand to hand Neo would kill him.
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    Yeah, for Neo to even have a chance in combat they would need to be in the Matrix. Outside of it, maybe not...then again, Neo did do some crazy stuff outside of the matrix in the movie last night.

    One on one combat, with no other I think Neo could avoid Luke's lightsaber long enough to get in one of those super punches to send Luke flying.
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    Luke would win!

    There are no telephones in the SW galaxy for Neo to use to hack into the SW matrix
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    Luke, because Keanu Reaves makes Mark Hamill look like Oscar material.
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    I can feel the Matrix hate already....
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    Nah Luke no contest because in the Matrix, there is no physical impairments, only the mind and the feelings are there to solidify to make whatever the force wishes.
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