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Thread: X-Men Evolution

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    I have only seen this show a few times, and it was the same one EP saw both times. I am not a fan of the animation style at all, and don't really dig them being "teens". It's kinda like watching Muppet Babies. But I do feel I should give it another chance, but would want to do so from the beginning.

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Gambit's ability is that he can charge items with Kinetic Energy. Apperantly he also has some sort of Eagle Eye ability, where he can focus in on his targets. He uses the playing cards likely because they are cheap and easy to carry.
    Thanks, that clears up my confusion.

    I still think the card aspect is goofy.

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    I saw part of that episode with Gambit, and it just left me scratching my head. I thought Gambit was a good guy .
    I mean, granted, I'm only going on the original Fox series, but I'm just so used to him being an actual X man.

    How was it in the comics? Did he start out bad and then turn to good?

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    The kinetic energy somehow makes things explosive. I never quite got that.

    Gambit's a good guy, but his past is rather shady. Aside from working as a thief and cutthroat before meeting Storm, he was somehow involved in the massacre of most of the Morlocks. Since he's sorta on the edge, I think that's why they put him with Magneto.

    And still I wonder. . . why involve a British girl with purple hair? We needs some Psylocke!
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    So, to anyone who saw last night's episode (with the mutants returning to Bayville High):

    At what point in Evolution continuity does this take place? Is this near the end of what's out there, or is there still a season worth of episodes left till Cartoon Network gets to the "current" episodes? The reason I ask is not one, but two, count 'em two, of my favorite mutants apparently aren't orphans like in the comic and had their evil off-screen parents withdraw them from school. Rahne and Jubilation must return! They must defeat the stupidity that is Boom-Boom!! (I've always really hated Boom-Boom, if you can't tell. Were I to write an X-book, she would be torn apart by rabid weasels on the fourth page of my first issue.)

    I'm also looking forward to finding out the reason Colossus is "having no choice" but to follow Magneto. I hope it has something to do with a little girl named Illyana. :happy:
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    That girl with the purple hair befriending Rougue is actually Mystique.
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    Hey guys sorry to intrude on a very interesting topic, but jar jar, where did you get that awesome in=mage of Beast, and do you know if there were any of Gambit.
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    I ran across it while browsing around for an image to use. I forgot where I snagged it from. I also love the quote I'm currently using for a signature. Guess I just can't help being swallowed by the masses when it comes to things like this. Just like what happened with Hassle'tars.

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    Hmmm....maybe I should find a nice "marvel-tar"
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    Does anyone know what the last episode was? I have been watching X:E on the CN and the last one I remember seeing envolved apocolypse and some keys,, I never saw the big bad himself though, did the ever show him?,, cause now the series has started over again. ARGH!!
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