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    SW reference on "That 70's Show" last night

    Ok, someone likely has beat me to this, but did anyone see the new "70's Show" last night? Eric and Donna were moving out into their own apartment, and, upon further inspection of a box marked "Dishes", Donna discovered Eric's "Millennium Falcon" toy.
    She was messing w/ him about it, and he grabbed it and said something in its defense and announced that it was going with them. Pretty funny.

    Also, I noticed that it appeared to be the "carrying case" MF from a few years ago, guess the prop guy couldn't come across a vintage Falcon, though you would think they could afford to.
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    That reminded me of this scene I saw in the series "Do Over" where this guy gets sent back to a time when he was younger knowing what he knows now. He is standing in line at the theatre for "The Empire Strikes back" and is threating to tell what happens when he gets roughed up by a guy in a Vader costume, and 2 guys in Stormtrooper armor. I don't know that anyone had that kind of proffesional looking costume back in the 80's, but it was halarious.
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    That 70's show has had quite a few Star Wars refrences throughout the series. I really like the epsidoe where they all go to see Star Wars, and that's all the guys can think about for weeks (how true).

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    Yeah, I watched this with my parents this week and argued about the fact that there's no way Eric could've had that particular Falcon.
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    I was telling my wife that it wasn't the real Falcon. The original one had all those guns on the top of it and the back had the stickers of the flames shooting out. That was far from the original.

    One of my favorite 70's Show episodes is when they do the Star Wars spoof when Eric and Donna's old friend is trying ot steal Donna. It was on as a rerun in syndication the other day. Great episode. They have referenced Star Wars many times through out the shos history.
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    I totally noticed it was the Falcon carrying case and it did bug me a little. I think the prop guy was just being lazy though, you can pick up a POTF2 Falcon in sealed boxes from several stores around here for $50 to $75 and it looks IDENTICAL to the vintage one.
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    I noticed it right away as well,but it was still a great episode.However,I agree with JT.The prop guy could have gotten a loose Falcon easily enough without paying too much.

    The 70's show is great for SW Refrences,I also like the episode when Eric and Red compete in that Father/Son tournament.Red said what my parents say all the time
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    I saw that. I love that show.
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    They have some good references, but usually thy screw them up.
    In the father-son thing that IJG mentioned, it goes kind of like this:
    RED: All you had to do was build a birdhouse!
    ERIC: Well, I thought we could get extra points if I made the Millennium Falcon.
    RED: If that's something from Star Wars, I'm gonna kick your ***!
    ERIC: No, it's a bird . . . that can make the Kessel Run in six parsecs.

    See, another great scene, somewhat botched up. The Falcon's great, fast and all, but it's not a mirclae woker.
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    That 70's Star Wars reference show!!!!

    Has anyone noticed Eric's great Star Wars references the last 2 weeks on That 70's Show. What's up with that? Keep 'em coming!
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