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    Who Wants Another Round of Clearance Sales?

    Ok, we've had the 2/$5 sale at the Target, the 50% sale off at KBee (I think it is still going on) with the $7.99 four packs, price-matched at Walmart, etc....

    There still seems to be widespread complaints that the stores are still clogged with pegwarmers. So how about another round of sales? This time, how about 75% off or 3/$5?

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    What does WM price match? Is there a KB add that says the Saga figs are as low as $1.99 or whatever? I need to get that add if that's the case.

    I'd love a better clearance sale. I'd buy more at $2 each, but I don't like haveing to spend $8 on those 4 packs. Doesn't do me much good when there is only one or two figs in there that I'd want. Still, it's a good deal!
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    If you bring in the ad, they will match the price. I used the Target 2/$5 add several times. I even got some POTJ figures at this price. I do not think they will match % off ads, however, just ads that cite a specific price.

    If there is a KBee ad that says "Saga" or "Star Wars figures" for $1.99, it would be great. My Walmart occasionally has some new figures.

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    I haven't seen a separate KB ad/flyer about the sale, only signage in the stores.

    Someone once wrote that a store (WM, for example) could call KB to verify the sale. I think that sounds more trouble that its worth.

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    Clearance sales are always welcome. I am still waiting for my Wal-Mart to clearance the Tie Bombers. They have a ton of them.
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  6. #6 has the jedi starfight w/Obi-Wan for $4.97
    3 3/4 Figures $1.27
    12" Clone troopers for $13.97
    R2-D2 Astromech Droid $49.97
    Ultimate Jango Fett $19.97
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    Remember a few (OK maybe by now it's more like several) years back when TRU started pulling out HTF POTF2 stuff like Mynock Hunt, $10 AT-ATs, and the pull-apart C-3PO wave? Those prices were just insane! I've been hoping for some time that TRU would pull some HTF POTJ stuff out of their hat for another similar clearance. Perhaps those days are long gone...
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    I would love another round of clearance sales, but first I would like to see the new figures at retail
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    Yes, clearance sales are cool. Keith, you have to have the sale first to clear out that old crap before you'll see new stuff!! Let's not put the cart before the horse!
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    Originally posted by TheDarthVader
    Yes, clearance sales are cool. Keith, you have to have the sale first to clear out that old crap before you'll see new stuff!! Let's not put the cart before the horse!
    Last time they did a major clearance, I was finding POTF orange carded figures and other "older" figures...this was way after the release of Episode I figures. So, at some point they pulled all of the old stock off the shelves and stored it away with the unopened cases of figures to make way for the "newer" stuff. It wasn't until a slow period in production of EI figures that the "older" stuff went on least that is what happened at all of the Toys R Us stores in my area.

    I guess a clearance sale would be better than nothing...BUT I WANT MY NEW FIGURES BEFORE SOMEONE AT HASBRO GETS HURT

    Just Kidding!

    A clearance sale is always great!

    On a side note: most of the stores here in Dallas have few, if any figures on their pegs! There is no "old" stock to sell off...just lack of "new" stock.
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    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!


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