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    Problems with Pop-Ups, web-browsing on SSG

    Steve asked me to ask all of you: How many of you are having problems similar to this:

    SSG is my homepage when I open my browser.

    However, it frequently crashes due to pop-ups. Are they our site's advertising? (I don't know that, or if other sites I've visited have added programming to my web settings to pop-up their ads without my permission).

    I know there's software out there to prevent these. What do you guys use?

    This really discourages browsing our site. I get the home page and then sometimes a freeze, sometimes no pop-up, sometimes a pop-up or a delayed one. But when I click on forums, it is most often when the link won't click, and I stall and have to ctrl-alt-del and close my browser. I called Dell and they said it was the advertiser's site timing-out and not allowing my 56K to load the ad or continue on SSG.

    By the way, the small Master Replicas Darth Maul ad is NOT what is causing me my problem. Usually it is ads for 'spy cams' dubbed as home surveilance, or mortgage companies or other financial service companies. Sometimes it is a cruise ship commercial or a vacation package.

    Are you guys having problems? What kinds of hardware are you using?

    I have Windows Me, and use Microsoft Internet Explorer with a 56K Dial-up. Nothing else is in the budget for the immediate future (but anti-pop up software is under strong consideration).
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    I had that problem too. I installed Spybot-Search and Destroy, and all's well. I found it on Kazaa. The only Pop-ups I get now are the Army and R2 one on
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    I have AOL, and the pop-up blocker works great. Only 1 or 2 pop-ups get past it, and that's rare.
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    Yes, at home. With AOL I believe it was (right JBF?). I can't test if it was AOL for certain though since I'm at college currently and am using a completly different computer/internet provider.
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    Yeah, it's AOL 7.0 you're talking about Malakite.
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    try downloading adaware as well. If you are getting those type of pop-ups at SSG, then you have spyware on your comp. Also, the spyware will drastically tax your system.

    I use POW to remove pop-ups, but it's only average for it. I haven't had any problems with SSG.
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    I don't have any probl;ems with pop ups. I go directly to the forums page though, I don't hardly see the main page at all. Just add /forums to the homepage section and it will skip all the pop-ups.
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    No problems here, but I use Opera, and I format every couple of weeks.

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    no troubles on my mac. SSG is homepage and loads up right away everytime. no pop-ups ever on SSG, no pop-up blocking software in use. just lucky i guess.

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    Well, I'm just on a standard PC. Using WIN XP PRO and IE6 I get not one single pop up and haven't had to install any extra software to deal with them. I hadn't even noticed until just now that the pop up master replicas ad on the main news page has stopped popping up. Did Steve get rid of that? I enter the site via that because SSG is now set as my homepage.
    I'm not saying I don't get pop ups while browsing the net, I'm saying I don't get any that aren't advertisers/sponsors on this site, while I'm at this site.


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