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    Long lost TV shows

    Networks like TV Land and Nickelodeon make it their job to bring back classic TV sitcoms from the past; but there are a lot of shows that I remember watching as a kid that are nowhere to be seen on TV these days (with the exception of the occasional reference in Family Guy).

    So what shows do you remember watching that are completely MIA from television right now?

    WKRP in Cincinatti - If you've never seen this show, you're definitely missing out.
    Facts of Life - If not for Family Guy, most people wouldn't even know this show ever existed.
    The Bob Newhart Show - a lot funnier than his follow up series, Newhart
    Head of the Class - Howard Hessman's next series after WKRP, about a classroom full of genius students, also introduced Robin Givens (Mike Tyson's wife/punching bag)
    Tour of Duty - CBS' attempt to make a "realistic" Vietnam drama, I loved this show, but it hasn't aged well at all
    China Beach - ABC's answer to Tour of Duty, but more like a serious version of M*A*S*H set in Vietnam. Starred Dana Delaney, Marg Helgenberger (C.S.I), Michael Boatman (Spin City) and Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager)
    SuperCarrier - a horrible show that tried to cash in on the Top Gun craze, only with a shoestring budget, so they had to rely purely on grainy, stock footage of jets from previous wars - the overall effect was much worse than it sounds.
    Amen - Sherman Hemsley's post-Jeffersons show about a shady church deacon
    The Hogan Family - The show that introduced Jason Bateman
    A Different World - The Cosby kid spin off show, that only really took off after they got rid of the Cosby kid.
    The Flash - the show about the DC superhero, The Flash, inspired by the success of Batman, I haven't watched this in years; but I'm sure my memories are better than the actual show
    Alien Nation - the sci-fi TV show inspired by the movie
    Perfect Strangers - one of my favorite shows, which Family Matters was a spin-off of (the elevator attendant from Perfect Strangers spun off as the mom on Family Matters)
    Too Close for Comfort - don't remember too much about this show other than the "goofy" neighbor character who came out of the closet in real life
    3rd Rock from the Sun - why does nobody play this show anymore? It was one of the funniest things on TV... ever.

    I'm sure I'll remember more later

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    I think the only show i miss would be:

    ED with Tom Cavangh. This is one of my all time favorite shows that has yet to get a DVD release, which angers me. It was fun, quirky, and always entertaining. Get on that, NBC, dammit. I wanna venture back to Stuckeyville and Stuckeybowl!
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    Who's the Boss - Tony Danza as a housekeeper
    Gimme A Break - Nell Carter as a maid
    Mr. Belvedere - the proper British butler is hired by a typical American sitcom family.
    AfterM*A*S*H - the doomed-from-the-start attempt to spin off of M*A*S*H, focusing on Colonel Potter, Father Mulcahey and Klinger working in a post-war veteran's hospital.
    Four Seasons - Alan Alda's failed post-M*A*S*H series.

    I can't say I really love any of these shows, but I do remember wasting countless hours watching them as a kid.

    There are a couple of shows that I can't remember the names of.

    One was a popular family sitcom that, after a few successful seasons, had the actress who played the mother walk off the show because she wanted more money. So, they wrote her character out of the show by killing her off in a housefire. The show, of course, went downhill quickly after that.

    Another family sitcom that starred Dana Delaney, I only remember seeing 3 or 4 episodes so I don't think it lasted even a single season. This was pre-China Beach for Delaney.

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    My all-time favorite TV sit-com as a kid was/is Barney Miller. A lot of the stories were based on real (wacky) cop events. I thought the cast's chemistry was perfect (a lot like Seinfeld and's the reason such shows are so successful IMO).

    Being in law enforcement for 22 years and counting, I know how real the stories are first hand, as I've now seen it myself.

    Great show.
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    I can't believe I forgot Barney Miller! Wojo was my favorite character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    One was a popular family sitcom that, after a few successful seasons, had the actress who played the mother walk off the show because she wanted more money. So, they wrote her character out of the show by killing her off in a housefire. The show, of course, went downhill quickly after that.
    Nevermind, I figured it out. The show was originally called Valerie, starring Valerie Harper and, when she walked off the show, they killed her character and renamed the show Valerie's Family. After a season or two, it became The Hogan Family. So, I guess it didn't go downhill that quickly.
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    It's a.......Small Wonder...... Who could forget such a classic.....You Can't Do That On Television.....still hoping for a DVD release for this.....Webster....Gary Coleman was awesome.....Perfect Strangers as well.....DVD release of it in the later winter for those who are interested
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack View Post
    It's a.......Small Wonder......
    I remember that show! It was horrible but I still watched it.

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    Alien Nation is on some channel, I recall seeing ads recently for it.

    I used to love Barney Miller, one of my favorites of all time. Jack Soo kicked arse.

    Small Wonder was hilarious.

    A Different World was playing here on some station(local channel) for years.

    Fantasy Island isnt on anymore, nor is Love Boat.
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    Night Court: I'm not 100% if can be seen, I know I haven't come across it. The bass line in the theme song is unforgettable.

    Out of this World: About a girl from another planet living with a family on Earth who was able to communicate with her dad back on the home planet through a flashing cubic pyramid. It was one about the same time as A Small Wonder and only sucked slightly less.

    On PBS:

    3-2-1 Contact: Man I loved watching this show after school. The science stuff was great and I always looked forward to the Adventures of the Bloodhound Gang at the end.

    Square 1: Both 3-2-1 Contact and Square 1 had great theme songs. This show came along late in my PBS watching years but I still really enjoyed it. Their take off of Dragnet (Mathnet) was our family favorite.

    The Voyage of the Mimi: Story of a group of kids stranded on an island after a ship wreak and how they survived. They finished each episode by cast member visiting a marine science place to learn more about the topic of the episode. I was recently shocked to find out that this was a young Ben Affleck's big break. I would love to watch an episode again just to see him in that role.

    Electric Company: "Hey you guys!!!!!" I was a bit young for this show when it was on but I still watched it and was drawn to the songs, cartoons and characters they used for learning. What a great show. Another unforgettable theme song.
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