Whoo hoo! The first TOP TEN thread in any of the new forums!! (But certainly not the last...) O.K. My first top ten list is a little negative, so the next post should be positive.. After that all's fair. So. Since everyone and their brother seems to enjoy posting top ten threads, here are my

TOP TEN pet peeves.

10. Finger Bikes
9. The lack of a Sith Infiltrator from Hasbro
8. Exclusives
7. post padding
6. The last wave of Ep 1 figures not being at TRU
5. I never have enough money.
4. Mediocre Summer movies this year...
3. Target. (You GONK!ing GONK!lickers...)
2. Target Exclusives

and the number one pet peeve...

1. Rollo Tomassi Impersonators.