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    Hasbro Official Responses to Collectors

    Hello All,

    After reading all the suggestions and complaints regarding Hasbro and their distribution processes and development tactics, I thought I might put my two cents in on the matter. First off, I've been collecting Star Wars stuff since 1977. One of the original fans, as many are out there. I have also had the same comments as everyone else. A few years ago, I actually attempted to do something about it. I wanted answers.
    In every figure line Hasbro had since 1995, there have been figures impossible to find. Orange carded Lando (remember?), Green carded FF's such as Boba Fett, POTJ Black R2, Clean Scout driver, etc. Episode 1 Sio and TC-14. Episode 2, you name them. Now Saga with the last 3 lines. In all this, sometimes they show up in later releases, other times they don't show up at all.
    Anyway, back on track here. So a few years ago, I contacted Hasbro and was actually ready to set up an account so I could order cases direct through my company. They sent me a complete kit with case assortments and other information. I noticed that most cases were the same contents with only 1 or 2 figures different in a case. This is how come there are so many of the same figures warming the j-hooks. When I asked the Hasbro outside sales rep why this was so, his statement was simple. Now mind you, this IS NOT my opinion, this is what was told to me. In their opinion (Hasbro), they are looking at the "child's" interest. Children do not want to play with secondary characters. They want main ones. This explains the millions of Mace Windu's, Zam Wessel's, and Jango Fett's that are warming the pegs. So they must limit themselves of secondary Characters because they feel that is a loss when they don't sell. When I asked "what about the collector" they said that the collector is not their main priority. COllectors come and go but the children are the ones who make or break their lines.
    From my experience with Hasbro, it is my opinion that they do not care about any of us. They do not care what we want, what we spend, or what we demand. Hasbro, in my opinion, especially the Management running the Star Wars line, have NO CLUE in what they are doing. Just a bunch of suits with their eye on the profit lines. We could all talk and write until we're blue in the face, it falls on def ears. They throw us a bone now and then (aka fan favorites), but what kind of reward is a fan favorite when there are a million Duros and no Elephant Mon's! Where is that fair?
    To conclude this, I must say that the problem is not the company, it is the management. It's the public releations, and it is their lack of listening to the demands of the paying customer. I have meet thousands of collectors, I have met only a few dozen children that actually play with Star Wars stuff (none on my block).
    So if by chance you feel you have to complain to Hasbro, You, WE, MUST do it in numbers. Individuals mean NOTHING to the Buisness world. They're write you a friendly letter appreciating the concerns you have, then throw your letter into the shredder.
    THIS IS BUISNESS in the 21st century.
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