Has everyone here finally read these and understand who the Sith are, who the Dark Lords of the Sith are, and how it all got started?

What did you think of the story?

Gav and Jori Daragon were not too inspiring, but they were really believeable. We have people on drugs at the beaches that remind me of them.

Naga Sadow was very intriguing. His schemes were so carefully conceived, you pretty much wanted him to succeed. But he had no idea how big the Republic had grown, and I didn't see any way for him to conquer it even if he managed to take down the Koros System and Coruscant itself - that's hardly even half the population of the Core Worlds.

I think that physically, there just weren't enough Sith. I doubt Sadow could have taken more than a handful of planets by force.

I suppose the Sith had to go about conquering the galaxy by trial-and-error.