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Thread: New Shop In U.K

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    New Shop In U.K

    In the town where I live a new shop has opened called eclipse toys, it specialises in Star Wars and has lots of exclusives and all the latest POTJ. Eclipse Toys St. Mary's Muse Stafford

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    Dang it. Everybody gets the goods except me.

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    Thanks Jek! I'm only 10 miles from stafford & it's payday this week, think I'll pay it a visit.
    "I love democracy...I love the Republic." (sure you do Palpy....)

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    Hurrah! Another Northerner. Gotta stick together and show them Southerners who's the boss. "They don't like it up 'em y'know."

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    Wanted, Star Wars, Star Trek,and EP1 MMs!

    I'd like to ask that anyone who lives in the UK, contact me if you come across any MicroMachines.
    I'm sure you all know how hard it is for us to get overseas releases. Anything I can do in return, just ask.

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    Baal, have you tried Last time I was there they had some episode one micromachines but I'm not sure which ones or whether they're imports or not. If you go, just use the menu on the left of the main page and search by brand. There isn't a direct link to star wars stuff on their main page anymore.
    If it's the classic stuff from the SE era then I can't really help you. I don't collect MM stuff myself.

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    Thanks Emperor

    Thanks for the info,
    allthough I only collect MicroMachines, I'd be glad to help any of the forum attain any items that I can score for ya'.
    Your pal The Devil,

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    Hey Tarkin, where abouts are youfrom then?

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    Me? I live near Stoke, not far from Alton Towers. Still have not found time to visit Stafford, but will do soon as my usual place (Another world in Stoke) seems to have stopped importing figs (nothing new since the Lando wave).
    However, If you are in Stoke try the indoor market in Hanley- I was there yesterday & one stall had all the new figs including the Zutton wave, they also carry some vintage stuff.
    "I love democracy...I love the Republic." (sure you do Palpy....)


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