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    Clone Wars figures and new Unleashed on ebay! Clonetrooper 3 pack!

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    Two questions

    Droid army: It looks like these are all rehashed. But wondering about the Superbattle droid - looks like it just has two hands. Will it also come with the weapon arm add-on? Don't see it. If not, then kind of useless in a battle scene.

    Clone troopers: Where's the one in the blue 'skirt' - to be on separate card?

    Launcher: Looks good - though probably expensive just to get the rolling droid version (I'm not that interested in a 'launcher').
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    But that said . . .

    . . . the stuff looks cool - about time Hasbro sell these multi-packs at retail!

    Now I just wish they'd do it from the beginning, so we wouldn't waste money by paying more to buy these things when they're first offered on single cards . . .
    What am I, a Moisture Farmer, an Angry Loner or a Sith Apprentice - I can't keep up!

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    People are pathetic. The Clone Trooper 3pack is over $100. Can't these people wait a few months & save some $$$.

    I mean, I'd like to have it too. But come on!!!!

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    It's like the idiots who were paying $50 each for Episode II figures before they came out only to find them warming pegs 2 months later for <$5.

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    WOW-that auction ended with a final bid of $101.00 plus $15.00 for shipping. Someone must have: 1.) A ton of money to blow or 2.) Be high on crack. IMO I think it's answer #er 2. HH
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    what a dumb@$$!! if they wait they could use that $100 to buy an army's worth!! MAN SOME PEOPLE!

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    Remember, bid hard-bid fast-bid high!!
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