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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal Padawan
    I think Bruce Wayne has more internal motivation to beat up on anybody he comes across. He watched his parents die in front of him and then CHOSE to train his mind and body for YEARS and YEARS in order to exact vengeance.

    Steve Rogers, on the other hand...

    "Hey Steve. Do you hate Nazis?"

    "Boy, I sure do! Who doesn't?"

    "Well, then drink this..."

    Where's his motivation 50 years later?

    Batman can just tear Steve a new over and over and over.
    BUT... is it "regular" cap or "ultimate" cap we're talking about? if it's regular, it could go either way, but ultimate cap would mop the floor with bats...
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    Re: Comic character showdown: The ultimate geekfest!

    Hmm, I never answered the last question here, and Tycho's new thread inspired me to do so.

    Thor is a god. Period. Case closed. Superman would cause him more pain and suffering than he's accustomed to, but Thor would take him.

    And this has nothing to do with playing favorites, because I hate Thor.
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