Inspired by the "Neo vs Luke Skywalker" thread, here's a place for us to discuss and debate which character could whoop which other character.

I'd suggest using real knowledge of the characters, and not references to the lousy "Marvel vs DC" mini-series from a few years ago. We all know that was a popularity contest. Wolverine beating Lobo? Puh-leeze! I like Wolvie as much as the next guy, but Lobo would mop the floor with him easily.

How about each "battle" lasts a week or so?

First of all, I will throw out this rather interesting match-up:

Spider-Man vs. Batman

My thoughts on this are that it would definitely be an interesting fight to watch. Spider-Man has super powers, whereas Batman has none. Spider-Man has been at the game for a few years (I'm guessing 6-8 comic book time), picking up all his skills during that time. Batman has been superheroing as such for 11-12 years now (according to official info from DC) and prior to that trained, in a variety of disciplines, relentlessly to reach human perfection. Spider-Man is a scientific genius but not a great tactician; Batman is nearly Spidey's equal in scientific knowledge, but a far better tactician. Though neither would kill, Batman is more likely to fight dirty when necessary. . . however, either one would immediately put himself in harm's way if it meant saving an innocent life.

I'd say this would be a long, drawn-out battle, but I'm going to have to go with brains on this one. Spidey definitely has Bats outclassed in raw brawn, but Batman's training include using an opponent's strength against him, leaving them on more equal footing. So, IMHO, Batman would win, but not easily.