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Thread: Buffy DIES!!

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    Wow, Rutger Hauer was in Buffy? I did not know that, but then I only caught a little segment of maybe three episodes. He was the lead bad replicant in Blade Runner, correct?
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    Neither Rutger Hauer nor Kristy Swanson ever appeared in one episode of btvs. Nor should they have.
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    Now, if Kristy Swanson had been in the TV series then maybe I would have actually watched it!!! Can't stand SMG, and was so disappointed when she got cast as Daffney for the Scooby-Doo movie, because Daff was HOT, and SMG is ummm just Not!
    Seriously I don't think I've ever seen a single full episode! Just never got caught up in it! Probably because it's on one of those "Other" networks tv shows! I remember It took me the longest time to watch anything on Fox or the WB! I didn't even start watching The XFiles until the 3rd or 4th season!
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    Bwah Ha Ha HA HA HAHAHA! She kept killing Rutger Hauer over and over for seven seasons? Now I KNOW you guys are pulling my leg... you can't come up with new and inventive ways to kill Rutger Hauer for seven seasons. Eventually you would start repeating yourself and the viewer would catch on. C'mon you guys...
    It could have been like the series 24. WHAT, a whole season and only one stinking day goes by?!?! They just completed season 2 (that's 2 days in 2 years!)

    But seriously, I am a big Buffy fan.

    The tv series, however, is (was) great; witty, irreverent, thought through, and largely well-acted. But it was also very idiosynratic and not a lot of people got it. It's a shame as they missed out.
    I couldn't agree more, except, noone has to miss out on anything. I already have the first 3 seasons on DVD!

    Joss Whedon, is looking into doing a made for TV movie/series/mini-series on Giles character, it will most likely be called "Ripper". James Marsters is coming to Angel, rumor is he will return in...human form!
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    Originally posted by sith_killer_99
    James Marsters is coming to Angel, rumor is he will return in...human form!
    Seriously? How are they gonna explain that one? It seemed to me he was pretty much dust in the wind.

    I hope you're right killer because IMO he was the best character on the show and would fit in perfectly on Angel.
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    AICN has the scoop on Spikes return. I read it and it sounds like something they would write, even if it is all rumor at this point.

    Season 4 is out on dvd soon.
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