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    Does anyone have Deluxe Obi or Jango yet?

    I found the new Oni-Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett Deluxe figures online- the ones that come with the landing platform towers.

    Before I order them, I was curious if anyone had them yet? What are they like?

    I'm only hesitant becuase I hate it when weapons are permenantly attached to hands and when figures don't DO anything.
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    Nope, I don't have them yet. I expect them to show up in the stores around Christmas and then pegwarm until 2005. : )
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    I picked up the Delux OBi-WAN figure for my nephew the other day -- here is what I found:

    The figure looks good -- the saber is held in the hand with a rubberband which I left on for him to play with. There is a tube that attaches to the back of Obi-wans arm that allows the air to pass through his hand and "move" stuff. It is a neet kid feature, but my nephew is already tired of using the tube because its too much trouble to set up -- he would just assume knock over the box with his hands.

    I did not get the Jett figure -- but it looked neater than obiwan -- it also looked as if Jango's helmet might come off -- there was alot of detail under the collar for it NOT to.

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    Jango Fett's helmet is not removable, although his head is marginally detailed up to about his eyes. He comes with a catapult that launches him towards the tower. He has magnets on his arms that keep him attached to the tower.
    IMO Obi-Wan is a better figure. He's at least a new sculpt whereas Jango is a retooling of Jango Kamino Escape.

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    Thanks everybody. I was at least hoping that Hasbro did not repeat mistakes from the 1st set of dexuxe figures.
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    Actually, Jayspawn, Tarkin says "military target," not "literary target." Although I kind of like the idea of the Death Star blasting John Grishom to pieces; he's worn out his welcome....


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    Tarkin always was a well-read old bird... maybe he was thinking of his earlier book group discussion with Vader and Motti?...

    MOTTI: "'Moby-Dick' is the greatest novel of all time! Nothing in print can compare!"

    VADER: "What do you mean?"

    TARKIN: "This bickering is pointless. It's all a matter of opinion."

    MOTTI: "Please, Tarkin. Your sad devotion to the pulp action-adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert Howard blind you to the artistic depths of Herman Melville!"

    VADER: "Do not be too proud of Melville, Admiral. The ability to write a six hundred page novel about killing a white whale is insignificant, next to Howard's masterful imagery of Conan and scantily-clad barbarian women."


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    I have them both. They look great together. The Jango is a much better TOY than the Obi-Wan but the Obi-Wan is a much better figure. Anyhow... that's just about it.
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