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    My Vision of the Future of Hasbros Star Wars Line

    I had a dream last night...I wish I hadn't woken up.

    In my dream, Hasbro produced (for retail distribution) only the main background characters whatsoever. They did this to turn a larger profit at retail...since, in their opinion, children are the majority of their market and children only want main characters.

    But wait!...It gets better.:happy:

    On the back of each carded figure there was a picture-list (like the backs of the vintage cards) of ALL minor characters and many background characters. Accompanying this list was a physical address and a web address where those interested (i.e., collectors) could submit order forms to purchase these minor/background characters directly from Hasbro. Furthermore, Hasbro allowed submissions (for fan choice polls) to created additional background figures that were not yet produced. I was so happy :happy: in my dream, because the problem of distribution and the lack of production of minor/background characters had FINALLY been solved.

    Then I woke up.

    Could Hasbro not do something like this? I mean, they could increase retail distribution because only main characters would be shipped in case assortments; thus, pleasing retailers and kids. They would please all of the collectors...and probably turn a pretty heafty profit from direct sale of minor/background characters, because they would cut out the retail distribution costs. They could charge a little more per figure than they would charge for main characters to make up for the cost of production of "less marketable" characters (I know I would pay $1 to $3 dollars more for each minor/background figure).

    I think that a system similar to that in my dream could make everyone (retailers, kids, collectors, and Hasbro) alot happier and make sales run smoother. So, how about it Hasbro?...I know you are reading this.
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    I had a synical dream about hasbo. It goes something like this. A man named Randy woke up a few years ago and gazed at one of his Todd McFarline figures and thought that if Star Wars figures looked like that it would be great. Randy wormed his way up the corporate ladder and finally took charge of designing Mcfarline SW figures complete with nobs and trinkets hanging out of every figures back. The super duper poses were only loved by diaroma makers and the product sat on shelves. Then in 2003 all retailers wanted to step back from purchasing the shelf warming product. Collectors were waiting but only scraps appeared once in a while. So many quit, sales went lower for hasbro. In 2004 Randy gets sacked, but the damage was done, not many cared.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    That doesn't sound like a dream to me, but reality!

    I for one do not like the idea of having to order background characters from Hasbro. If they could roduce a plentitude of figures back in the 70's and 80's then it can be done now. Besides there are still some of us who don't wish to order through the net. Some people can't have credit cards because of their credit, so they'd be left out too. And part of the fun (and yes recently frustration) of collecting is going into stores and finding new stuff on the shelves. Also, this would alienate kids to a degree as well, because they'd have to go through the same process as us collectors to get background characters that they might want as well. Parents would probably be less apt to buying stuff online for the kids when they would prefer to just shop in stores. Also, how many times have you seen a kid ask for a toy in stores and sometimes the parent gives in and gets it for the kid. That's INSTANT satisfaction. The kid gets a toy they want and the parent get satisfaction knowing they made their kid smile (and shut them up for awhile----You parents know what I mean)

    I hope for my and many others sake, keith koth, that your dream does not happen.
    Move along, move along


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