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    obi-wan acklay battle variation

    Just picked up another obi-wan acklay battle and I noticed it looks different than the older one I have. At first, I thought it was just darker paint on his beard, but a side by side comparison shows lots of differences:

    old: spear handle covered by blister (obi not holding spear), fig sits lower in blister, foot/ankle on top of blister

    new: obi holding the spear handle, fig sits higher in the blister, foot/ankle inserted into blister - this one's beard is darker too, but it just might be a slight variance on the paint job

    Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera, so I can't post picks. Which one do you have? I'd appreciate it if someone can post a picture of each to help me out.

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    I can't post any pics (no camera), but I've got the new variation. My Obi is holding the spear, and only the middle of the spear goes through the inner blister.

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    I located some pics and will post them here. The first is the older obi-wan that shows the spear pointing at roughly the 11 o'clock position, obi not holding the spear (a little hard to tell), and the spear bottom sitting to the left of obi's left leg.

    The second pic shows the spear pointing at roughly 10 o'clock, obi holding the spear, and the bottom of the spear in front of his left leg.

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    newer obi-wan pic attached


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