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    Or how about Kevin Smith? He wrote some stories for Daredevil that are supposed to be really good. And I'm sure he'd love to write a story about Han Solo. Or anyone else from the Classic Trilogy, for that matter.
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    I bought the last Biggs issue just to see how it ends, and have the was in my box at the comic shop and I really did have to think a bit about keeping it or putting it back on the shelves...

    I don't know what's up with the star wars story lines lately they are pretty lame. Empire is a snoozer and so have been most of the Republic titles.

    The all fett series in the tales was pretty good, cept for the last one where fett was putting together an army and working for the vong...doesn't fit in especially after the unifying force novel and fett doing a number on the vong and helping solo a couple of times. Oh well...I just hope the titles pick up in interest the closer we get to Ep. III and after.

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    That info on Fett and the Vong disturbs me. I buy Tales mostly to be disappointed, but because I occasionally don't want to miss stuff that really impresses me too.

    But they wanted independent writers / artists who know nothing about the EU chronology to be able to come in and enjoy a good time with the license.

    Yeah, well I'd voiced my concern at Comic Con a number of times, most strongly when they'd first thought of the concept for Tales.

    Meanwhile, it's been better than I thought, but if the guy was going to write something in the NJO continuity, which obviously he was, then to learn everything about it, such as how the NJO novels ended, and Fett's involvement in that, and Han's knowledge of it, would have made a lot more sense.
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    Yea sometimes the Tales books can be a little out there. There have been some good story lines and short, and some bad, really bad - when they had Vader square off with with a clone Maul. Give me a break...

    Empire and the Republic feel like filler till the next movie hits. I can see the folks at DH saying...we've got a cash cow with Star Wars, we can pump out junk and it sells. Not to mention we need something to pass the time. Cobble something together and print it, it will sell.

    The infinities are spaced too far apart. The last one was out at the shops what...2 months or better? I have forgotten what happened already.

    The other bit about the new star wars line that miffs me off, is that Dooku one shot with Vos. What the crap is going on. Double agent, falls in love, still faithful and reports to the Jedi until the end when he does a flip, and Dooku takes him on as sort of an apprentice. Is Vos still a double agent or did he fully go to the dark side. What about Asajj, they've been pushing her in the Republic books and now she's no where to be found. What about this "only 2" rule? Vos was a good character, I thought, until the dooku one shot.

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    Re-read your Dooku issue. It was great. Quinlan's great. Great things will happen with that story.

    It is by far (Republic) the best thing Dark Horse has going. It is not quite the achievement that their best accomplished:

    Tales of the Jedi
    Rogue Squadron
    Crimson Empire

    But some arcs like Outlander (1999) were especially memorable - and thats also when Quinlan made his debut.

    Writers like Kevin J. Anderson, Mike Stackpole, and John Ostrander have it going on. I think Tom Veitch, as well. Also that guy who wrote Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan: Last Stand on Ord Mantell - and I've corresponded with him before. I can't believe I forgot his name at the moment. He writes all the scrap books and some of the reference books. He's a good writer, too. Randy Stradley and Mike Richardson (Dark Horse elites) also write well - and they make me wish they'd hire somebody to do their jobs for the company, so they can write more and just do Crimson Empire III already!

    The guys doing the Infinities have been pretty fun and creative also.
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    Sorry big T...I've read the dooku shot at leat 6 times and its not doing anything for me. I did like Vos, but the one shot, just put me off.

    They blurred the Vos good/bad (light/dark) line way too much up till his lashing out, and I think they are giving Dooku was too much credit for masterminding things. I just personally didn't like this one issue. The pre-dooku series were good. Villi was great and so was Vos in the old story lines, but this one just grates on me. The artists were great so were the inkers, but the story line got to me. He's still answering to his masters and is part of a black secret ops. He gives the illusion he's gone dark, but still is faithful the Jedi order...yet he manages to find love and a little girlfriend...he blows his cover, yet dooku knew like evil guys always know, and then at the end he dishes out punishment/revenge/serves justice on his clan memeber who was guilty and was given her pushment and justice was served...but did he really go over or is it just an act? For me its flip flopping too much and with Dooku rallying all these Dark Jedi, sort of goes agaist their code, and its like Dooku is waging his own war and a little rogue from Darth Sid. There's just a lot of stuff that's not fitting.

    I went to the DH site and it sound like some of the empire books might be interesting. I guess we'll just wait and see...and Asajj is back along with obi and alpha...I'm still waiting for alpha to take a shot at obi wan.


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