Contains spoilers!

So, what did everyone think of the first issue of the "Darklighter" story arc? Personally, I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, and it didn't live up to my already iffy expectations.

The thing that bothered me the most was that it was way too crowded. Like Kevin J Anderson's "Jedi Academy" trilogy, there were way too many characters and critters popping up. "Hey, they're outside; what a great excuse to draw some scurriers running around! That rock there looks like a great place for some Tuskens; never mind that they won't actually do anything."

Two of these completely pointless cameos were really annoying. Why in the name of all that's holy is there a freakin' X-Wing fighter in the Anchorhead garage in the last panel? Maybe the artist was trying to be abstract, but it didn't work.

And can anyone in the Star Wars galaxy not know about the Death Stars? Seriously, how did Tarkin rise to be Grand Moff if he is constantly blabbing, even to Academy graduates, about the most powerful (not to mention top secret) weapon the galaxy's ever known? His speech, and every single reference to the Death Star afterwards, was completely ridiculous. "Hey, Dad, the governor of this sector's got a thing called a 'Death Star' that blows up planets. Tell your friends." It's worse than everyone but the Rebels knowing the second Death Star was operational in the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy.

But those complaints don't even compare to my big problem with this story. We're told Biggs is lying to Luke in the classic cut scene where he tells about some friends planning to defect to the Rebellion! And it gives the impression that the next few issues will fill in what really went on during those "several eventful months" the story refers to just before Biggs' return to Tatooine.

Can the Expanded Universe writers ever leave well enough alone? Seriously. This should be an Infinities tale, because in my book, Biggs is telling the honest truth to Luke and knows nothing about the Death Star prior to his joining the Rebellion (which occurred just after the droids landed on Tatooine).