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    Ohio findings??????

    Hey, A month back I found all of the new figures in a wal-mart in new boston ohio. I was happy and thought maybe Ohio was gonna start doing alright on stockin. wrong. I do have findings but none of them came from that store ever again and none were that great So. the other day at Target I found endor soldier w/ no beard. Thats all they had. ToysRus was normal, just pegwarmers. KB had 4 packs for $7.99 and all other figures were half off. I know the local targets are getting speeders but all the store collectors around here get them. No sign here of chewie and han. and Columbus Ohio. I dont live there but I live near. and if you live there you will agree with me. They have nothing. I have had more success in smaller less known cities than in the state capitol. I was kinda wondering how everyone else was doing. Has anyone found new deluxe sets, aayla, bariss, speeders. Or are all of us in ohio just screwed
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    I live near Columbus and have had some decent success at times. I have seen Han Hoth four different times now. The collection 2 waves are the ones that troubling me right now. I am still missing the research droids and the padawans. Don't give up hope maybe Target will start getting new stuff now that they have returned the pegwarmers. Heck I almost fell over when I saw Han Hoth at Meijers yesterday.

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    Sweet God. Meijers. I have honestly never found anything new there. I found aayla bariss, imperial, rebel soldier, yoda high council, library droids, lama su and clone boy, and all that one time in a wal mart I havent seen a 2003 figure since. that was a month or ago
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    I've gotten Obi-Wan, Tyranus, (both at Meijer) the two speeders (Target), and the Deluxe Droids (which are just sitting around at Target), and I've seen Teebo, Eeth Koth and the Rebel Fleet Trooper (at a Wal-Mart and a Target). That's it, except for the 12" which I don't collect. Cincinnati has been frustratingly dry. I know they're out there, I just can't find them. As for Collection 2, I went ahead and ordered a case from Entertainment Earth, but it's been delayed from April to May to June. Oh, and if you're in Cincy and need an army of POTJ Jar-Jars. Tesseks, and Landos, go to the Eastgate Biggs. That place rarely gets anything in.
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    Target at S.O.M. and Mayfield has the Spider Droid and Battle Droid Bulider Sets. No new figures at Target or WM in Cleveland Hts.
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    I was looking around in columbus monday. All the targets had sent there figures back. There were no basic figures left. and they had stickers up for $4.99 for collection 2. The only star wars figures any target had was the exclusive Target deluxe sets. A guy told me even though they were a big target, they havent got any shipments of anything new including collection 2, the new deluxe, or the speeders
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    Cleveland, OH (Target)

    Found this afternoon at the Target on Rockside and Northfield: New Vader, Luke, Snowtrooper and Jango.

    If these were found at this store... I'll bet loads of the other stores will be getting them soon!!!
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    thats sweet. I was wondering if anyone has found the army builders yet. But im glad you found those. a lot of stuff is shipped out this month. army builders, cinema scenes, hoth 4 pack, coleman, vader, luke, jango, wat tambor. and all kinds I hope they are easy to find. I was hoping with the new clone wars line they will get things moving. But those are great findings. Charish them. Because the way things are lately who knows when your next find will be
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    Well I have yet to find anything new SW, in a long while, over a month ago I found Han and chewie at Target. I've seen lots of the new ninja turtles wave 2 for anyone looking, and some new MOTU.
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    Found in Lake County TRU Clone Wars multi-packs, and Imperial Forces. Also, found the last wave of Deluxe figures for Saga at Targets. They still have two play-doh droids left.

    P.S. If anyone has an extra Silver Fett I was wondering if they could sell it for me for cost and a little extra for waiting in line. I was going to go to Origins but missed my chance and now I can't make it to Gen Con. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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