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    After a month of great finds, it seems SW pegs are cleared out once again; hopefully this is to restock with new (gold card) figures.

    The only store that had anything was WM in fairlawn, they had plenty of clone wars figures. Target(s) and TRU in the area didnt have anything.
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    finds have been slow in the portsmouth area, havent checked columbus for a while. I did get my new unleashed yoda and boba from kebco. They are cool, but I wish they would have kept the boxes the same they come in. These new boxes are way cooler, but they look stupid next to the 12 already released that are all in a different box.
    I have been finding the value packs, I am glad they stock those good. Has any of you found the geonosian starfighter?
    I hope you all find stuff. it seems stores and web sites have picked up a little lately. so enjoy that while you can
    talk to ya later
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    At the Sawmill Toys 'R Us they have the Anakin/ Dooku Speeder bikes set. There were a bunch left when I was there yesterday.

    Happy Hunting

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    The Akron (Rolling Acres) TRU had 3 Hoth packs today, I didnt get any, but I know people are looking for them. The Rolling Acres Target had the lama su wave if anyone still needs those.

    The Fairlawn Target had several clone wars figures, at least 5 of each character (wave 1); they also had more clone wars multipacks of clone troopers and droids.
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    Athens Wally World has CW figures. I would've picked them up, but i already gots them thanks to KEBco. HH!
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    Have yet to find a value pack in cols. has anyone else found them? Target had more clone wars Yoda out today. I also found the armored Eowyn and gandalf. Is gandlaf a repack or new sculpt, I didn't pick him up either, and Legolas rider, Legolas is still at TRU if anyone is looking for him. I also have a ML Elektra if anyone needs one.
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    I have been in detroit for the past couple of weeks. Havent had much time to hunt locally. WM and Target in Medina are full of the clone wars figs and assorted saga. I have been seeing the clone wars all over lately. Seems the stores are getting stock pretty regularly.

    Also I must say that I am fed up with Kebco. verything I had on order I found in the stores before they shipped it out. I thought the whole purpose of PRE-order was to get it first. Also the first two shipment I recieved the figs were damged, well the bubbles were crushed not the figs. So my stock arrived later than in the stores and they were in poor condition. Why am I paying an extra dollar plus shipping when I can run down the street and pick them up. My buddy has had the same problem. Is it just us or has anyone else got stuff after its been in the stores?
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    Dark one- no, you have it all wrong my friend, pre-order is simply "you're ordering it before they have it in stock" I've been dealing with KEBco for nearly year and a half and have had nothing but excellent dealings with them. You have to understand that you are not the only person who is dealing with them; they have tons of pre-orders and it's first come, first serve. Hasbro has had problems with stock lately, which is why their stuff is late. Hell, i'm just now getting the Throne room wave, but i'm always getting CW stuff that hasn't seen the shelf yet. If you head to KEBco's site, you will see notices about Hasbro not sending them stock. I think they said that they've only gotten like 40% of their orders (this was like a month back) hell, in the last month, i've had nearly 200 bucks worth of orders coming in. Patience, my friend.

    Nothing in Athens as of today.
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    I found the second wave of cinema scenes at target today. They only had one jedi council left and I bought it.
    -Good Luck.
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    Everyone's had the second parts of those sets. It's the first parts that have been so bloody hard to procure! *sigh*

    And, yes, Dark One... a pre-order is a request to obtain before the actual e-tailer places THEIR order with the manufacturer... just so they know how many they need to get and not run short.
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