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    Has anyone found clone wars wave 2 in Ohio as of 11/8/03
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    KEBco has, apparently, received wave two so... I can only guess that it is on its way to retail.

    On a side note: Durge/Speeder & Clone/Speeder were spotted at K*B Toys in Fairview Park. They are priced $14.99 (yeah... I know) and there are two of each. There were also about 2-4 packs of Clone Trooper army builders with a red one in the prone position.
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    Things haven't changed with me. Same crud on the pegs. Just thought I would post so none of you think i'm dead...
    Worst episode ever!

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    Today in new boston, about an hour from columbus, at wal-mart they had clone wars wave 2. they had 3 ventress, 3 mace, and 3 obi wan. No Durge. I got me a obi wan, ventress, and mace. These figures are excellent. I give each a 10 of 10
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    I a couple durges yesterday in the columbus area. I didn't pick them up but a couple of guys were looking at them when i left.
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    I'm still here-haven't had time to do much hunting. KEBco just sent me the Hailfire Droid and Geo Starfighter. Too much work and no time to hunt....
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    Saw Durge, Mace, Obi, and Asajj at Severence WM today. Picked up the Durge and Asajj for a fellow collector. Just received another package from KEBco today that included all these figures. Still no sign of the Red ARC....All they had at WM were the Blue ARC's. Happy Hunting....
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    The new Fisto and General Rattlor are pretty cool.
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    Did some MASSIVE hunting today in the dayton area, so here are my results:

    Target- not much, simpsons wave 14 and mostly Saga figues with a few CW wave 1
    Toys R Us- Lots of lost saga figures (Aalya) that i never saw at retail mostly, a few CW wave 1
    Meijer- CW wave 2, just Obi though

    Dayton Mall
    TRU- CW figures, simpsons wave 14
    KB toys- old Ep III figures
    Target- last few waves of saga

    Target- CW wave 1
    TRU- Lots of Saga/CW
    Meijer- Wave 2 CW, just Obi and Mace

    Wal-mart- ML wave 5 Reed and Silver surfer
    Meijer- still wave 1 CW and lots of 3 packs; nothing much

    I"m hoping that Target gets in the Aztec simpsons theater as TRU has it for WAY too much. Also saw a Mr. Freeze in a collectors shop in dayton mall, but they're bastards and charge WAY too much. Looked neat though. HH!
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    How much was freeze? A-hole scalpers. Mr.freeze is my favorite batman charactor. Of course mattel must screw EVERYTHING up with all there lines.
    Worst episode ever!


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