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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartnr
    On a tip off from the Ohio Collector's Club postings, I stopped at the Mentor TRU on Sunday. Picked up the AAT. They had two Aqua Jedi Starfighters on the shelf. Some dude was in there right before me and I think he picked up one of the three (leaving the other two) they had. I think he also got one of the last 3-packs. There was nothing else to note on the shelves or pegs.
    I have similar recon. TRU across from ParmaTown, after I left there was still Clone, and Droid 3 packs, 1 of each, but no other new items to speak of. Fairlawn area-TRU- Plenty of aqua Jedi StarFighters! AAT as well, but nothing new figure wise, but I think they had some 3 packs.
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    Would love to get hold of one of those three packs even though I have one coming from KEBco.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartnr
    Would love to get hold of one of those three packs even though I have one coming from KEBco.
    The clone pack is somewhat dissappointing, there is almost zero limb articulation, the kneeling one will forever kneel, the standing one will forever stand, and the laying one will forever hump the ground. But they are "Army Builders", not action figures, I suppose. Droid pack is just rehashes of all 3 types of droids, I like them.

    Oh, BTW, Fairlawn TRU- 12" Tattoine Lando, and Han were instock at 11 am today.
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    I still havent found any army builders in stores. I have a ton of them ordered on the internet. KBtoys is having a nice sale right now. all there 3 3/4 inch figures are $1.99 if you can find battle droids, destroyer droids, clones and SBD at KB that is a good way to build your armies.
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    Dayton Mall TRU has a few Smeagol, and a few Helms Deep Legolases along with a slew of Helms deep 5-packs. At least, they did when i left that store an hour and a half ago.

    No new SW stuff, the "multi-pack" labeled pegs were empty, and i didn't bother asking anybody if they were getting in more. HH!
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    I know the Clonies are one posed scene builders but, as far as I am concerned, most of the Geonosian Battle Jedi figures are as well... so I'm not that surprised/concerned/disappointed. Luminara Unduli is a fine example of what I'm talking about. Articulation or not... she still really looks the same... *sigh*
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    I live in Akron, and its nearly impossible to find any basic figures like Aayla Secura, Lama Su, Yoda & Chian, etc...I think they skipped over these or something. I was able to find a clone with speeder bike and padme droid factory over a month well as action fleet, but thats it (walmart). TRU, which there are three in the akron area..have some new clone wars items and plenty of imperial forces sets, but no new figures; it feels like they are pushing the Clone Wars items while the Saga items get pushed back. I was able to find a droid army pack, and they still have droideka launchers at the chapel hill TRU; but does anyone know who has the figures? TRU said they are only receiving Clone Wars new Saga as of yet. Does anyone near Akron know how to find these figures..other than ebay?

    update: the Stow Target has Spider Droids and Super Battle Droid Builders, and they are already on clearance.
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    Sidious- I dunno what you got up there, but i assume you might have a Meijer store or two. They have been getting in new Saga figures a lot as of lately. I spotted some new Chewies, Hans, R2, Library Droids and whatnot there over the last few weeks. You might wanna try an online retailer (i go kebco) if worse comes to worse. I rarely see anything in my neck of the woods, so any Saga figures i spot are a godsend. Good luck!
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    JMG - I looked Meijer up...and it doesnt look like we have any up north for some reason. I usually try TRU, Target, WM, KM, or KB...but none of them have any new saga. I've only seen new saga at WM, they received 2 shipments (cases) of items...basic, deluxe, and action fleet and once those sold out, havent seen anything since. What we really need is a collector that works for a toy store....inside information.

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    I have pretty good luck finding things in columbus ohio. But I dont live in columbus I live in portsmouth Ohio. about 45 minutes away. I do awful as far as Portsmouth found toys. But as far as the saga figures go, I think if you havent found them yet, you may not. Because as darth_sidious said they are really pushing the clone wars. I think clone wars will be easy to find. I think they will let that stuff out in big amounts , because of the cartoon coming up and the popular comics. It will be like when EPII came out.
    But I think people really need to get the saga figures off the net. Because as everyone confirms, they just arent out there
    But in Ohio the stores I have had success with are TRU, Target, and Wal-Mart. and some people have been finding things in meijer. But toys r us and target are the best bets in Columbus Ohio.
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