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    hey guys

    hey guys, I'm from columbus! I have found tons of new stuff, but it would be of no use now. As 1.) I found one of everything I bought, 2. It was weeks ago. If anyone wants to find out more info about me pm, check my profile, or look at the ohio collectors club!
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    Anyone in Akron needs to go to the Target behind Rolling Acres Mall. I just picked up the Jedi Knights 3-pack and Blue trooper 3-pack. There was still 3 of each left also had a coupled droid 3-packs and droid launcher, I passed on those. Nothing else new anywhere else I went.
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    Good intel dark_one, I picked up the jedi army and clone trooper army multipacks as well. Someone got to the jedi army packs, because I got the last one, but there are 2 more blue clone multipacks at the Rolling Acres Target, as well as the Scene Packs, which I already bought at another Target.

    The only saga figure I have not found, that I want is the throne room vader, I've seen ALL the saga figures at local TRU and Targets, but not him. Eventhough the figures all vanish within a day, I'm surprised I havent seen him.

    Likewise, I havent seen any new unleashed figures anywhere, TRU (which there are 3 in this area), only have padme and anakin, and no other stores seem to carry them. I'm looking for Darth Sidious, if anyone sees him...

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    Saw the new Vader, Luke, Snowtrooper ect. at Target today. I picked up one of each for a fellow collector since he works long hours and doesn't have time to hunt. I'm STILL waiting on KEBCO for my shipment.
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    Hey guys went to the easton target at 5:00 (yes, I know that is extremly late to go, but I couldn't get out at any other time), and was extremly angry, not just at the store, but at myself too. I saw they put out the new spider-man classics wave, NO KRAVEN (this is the last one I needed, already got dd). Then went to star wars, ONLY TO SEE THAT I MISSED OUT ON THE THRONE ROOM DUEL WAVE OF FIGURES! How did I know, I bet you are thinking, because there was the STUPID REPACK JANGO LEFT ON THE STINKIN PEGS. I should have went there at 8:00, then I would have found new figures. DARN YOU SCALPERS OR EMPLOYEES! FYI-KRAVEN IS ONE A CASE, OBVIOUSLY SCALPER MATERIEL! I BET THE SCALPER OR EMPLOYEE BOUGHT ALL THE NEW STAR WARS, DD'S AND KRAVENS! Then left those God-awful spider-man variations and jango repack just to mock me! sorry for the rant guys.
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    Hey. today I found some army builders at TRU in Columbus Ohio. I also found the Bounty hunter 4 pack
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    tru had a bunch of the bounty hunter 4 packs and driod launchers.

    On another note, has anyone found new MOTU figs?
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    Troy wally world got in Luke, Vader, Snowtrooper, Threepio, Chewie, Han and Jango re-pack. I picked up the last Boba Fett and a Luke n' Vader. There were i believe a few of Vader and Luke, but only 1 of the rest.
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    All around town...

    Target in Rocky River had Droid Launchers and Droid Army packs over the weekend. TRU at Montrose has Bounty Hunters. TRU at Randall has droid launchers.

    I did serious paint jobs on the Droid Army pack I got. I'm just glad the Battle Droid has a magnet in the middle to hold it together. It's MUCH nicer than the Mace Windu pack-in junk.
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    I was at TRU and found this great game called "Star Wars: Epic Duels Game", which is a board game in the clearance section. Marked 50% off, so it was only $10...the great thing about comes with 30 micro figures that are nearly in scale to the action fleet vehicles, and they are painted as well! Since hasbro cut the action fleet micro figures..this is a great way to get them. I included a picture of the micro Mace Windu aboard my action fleet Republic Gunship...


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