News on the easton target:
Well first off, went to the easton target today around 4:00. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, I FINALLY FOUND MY SPIDER-MAN CLASSICS KRAVEN! He was hangin behind a daredevil. It was funny because Kraven is packed one to a case, and daredevil is packed two to a case, but instead of kraven being gone, a dd was gone. They also had the usual ten billion spider-man variation figures. THEY ALSO HAD THE CLONE WARS REPUPLIC GUNSHIP, JEDI STARFIGHTER AND AAT! No new figures though. Anyway, ON WITH SOME NEWS! EASTON TARGET WILL NO LONGER BE CARRING THE FOLLOWING LINES:
Masters of the Universe
Lord of the Rings
The Muppets and
Marvel legends

This saddens me GREATLY as I collect all these lines...