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    News on the easton target:
    Well first off, went to the easton target today around 4:00. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, I FINALLY FOUND MY SPIDER-MAN CLASSICS KRAVEN! He was hangin behind a daredevil. It was funny because Kraven is packed one to a case, and daredevil is packed two to a case, but instead of kraven being gone, a dd was gone. They also had the usual ten billion spider-man variation figures. THEY ALSO HAD THE CLONE WARS REPUPLIC GUNSHIP, JEDI STARFIGHTER AND AAT! No new figures though. Anyway, ON WITH SOME NEWS! EASTON TARGET WILL NO LONGER BE CARRING THE FOLLOWING LINES:
    Masters of the Universe
    Lord of the Rings
    The Muppets and
    Marvel legends

    This saddens me GREATLY as I collect all these lines...
    Worst episode ever!

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    Hey guys, easton wal*mart has the rotk smeagol and gollum, I didn't pick them up, as they are repacks and are not needed by me. I didn't find any "good" figures, just smeagol and gollum...
    Worst episode ever!

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    I plan on doing a MASSIVE toy run-I will go to every single store in town and see if I find anything, I plan on doing this TODAY! Let's look at the list, they are not in order but oh well:
    City Center
    Rome-Hilliard and if I don't find anything:
    Worst episode ever!

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    Something happened and I could only get out to sawmill here's what I found...:JUST GOT BACK FROM SAWMILL MEIJERS! BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THERE IS PLENTY OF ROTK SERIES 1 TO GO AROUND (series 1 includes eomer, wasn't eomer short packed? anyway they had at least 5 of him, frodo in armor which there was at least 6 of, sam in armor which there was at least 4 of him and helm's deep aragorn repack, which there was at least 2+ pegs worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for horse/rider sets, AFTER I GOT MY ARAGORN, LEGOLAS AND WARG HORSE/RIDER SET, THERE WAS ONLY ONE ARAGORN SET, TWO LEGOLAS SETS AND 3 OR MORE SHARKU/WARG SETS! That's all for now...
    Worst episode ever!

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    The Akron and surrounding area has been dry for about two weeks; after the new shipments came, that seemed to be the end of it. Most Target stores have the clone wars vehicles (AAT, Jedi Starfighter, and Command Gunship) and driodeka launchers, but thats about it. The TRU stores have the 4 pack of bounty hunters, etc, with not much more. I have yet to see any unleashed figures anywhere.

    About a month ago I found saga figures twice, and then scene packs, and then the clone wars multipacks. All these items sold out quickly and were not restocked as of yet. I hope this isnt a pattern - and the stores restock what was sold out. In one case, a TRU stocked all new saga figures, when they all sold, they put the old figures back out. Then again, maybe Hasbro has some master plan of limiting the supply, in order to sell everything while they are in such high demand...

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    Troy Meijer! (sorry, i said wally world earlier!) has the LOTR AOME things now. I saw a few Helms Deep, Bridge of Khazaa Dum and Chambers of Isengard. HH!
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    has any of you found the A-Wing with pilot or know anyone that has. Is it even out yet?
    scooby-wan kadoobie

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    He is out on the target website. It says he is a web exclusive, personally, I haven't put my order in yet...
    Worst episode ever!

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    Yeah, none of hte Targets in my area know a damned thing about the a-wing, so, i just ordered mine last should be here any day now actually...

    nothing in greenville or Troy to report, in fact, don't waste time hunting now cause it's gettin' pretty dry in the miami valley. thank god for kebco. HH!
    "Woke up at 9.55am. Soon as I woke up, I looked at Suzanne and she looked at me. I said, 'Did I tell you about the immune system?' Suzanne starting laughing, I said, 'it's amazing.' She said, 'Not now.'"

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    Hey guys. went shopping in columbus today. every Meijer I went to had army builders. Just not clones or jedi. I was impressed by how many they had though. All Targets were bad, except one I think in Easton. I found the coleman trebor wave. Just the 3po and jango. Every Target and TRU I went to had the clone wars vehicles. and wal marts had the luke and vader lightsabers. I had a question for you all though about Masters of the Universe. I used to love that in the 80's and still have my figures. But who in the hell is this Keldor character, is it skeletor in human form? and why are there gold and purple skeletors at TRU. Also every TRU had ultimate bounty
    scooby-wan kadoobie


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