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    Rebel Alliance 4-Pack?

    Keb-co has for pre-order a TRU Rebel Alliance 4 -pack (right next to the TRU Rescue on Hoth 4 pack) on its exclusive page.

    Has anybody heard of this? What's in it???

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    I would assume it's either the rebel fleet trooper army builder set or it's a double listing of the Hoth set which was called rebel alliance on early listings. There's quite often this problem when the inhouse names for items get listed as well as the actual production name. Suppliers aren't collectors and don't keep that up to date on what's what. They just list whatever is being floated at the time. So if the manufacturer changes the name of a product and forgets to tell suppliers they still keep the original listing and just add the new name as a new item. Then when the original named item doesn't show people assume stuff got cancelled.
    Diamond comics does this all the time.

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    I feel stupid. When did this hoth 4 pack information come out. I honestly never heard about it. Is it a TRU exclusive like the other two 4 packs
    scooby-wan kadoobie


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