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Thread: Sdcc??

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    If you've never gone to a ComicCon before, you'd think that 60$ for 2 days is a rip-off. But cases in point:
    - The Masquerade. Costume contest galore. Excellent!
    - Chances for autographs. Lots of LOTS of people from films, comics, behind-the-scenes, etc.
    - Seeing people. It's huge. There's megatons of people from all over.
    - San Diego's a great city. Good climate, nice streets, good food.
    - Things to buy. My goodness gracious. If it's not there, wait a few minutes.
    - Things for free. Give-aways; some you want, some you need, some you question, but you never refuse.
    - Panel discussions. Meet famous people, from 65 rows away! See previously-unreleased stuff, and exclusive ones, too.

    Give it a try. I've gone twice, and I'm trying for thrice this year.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    You guys got your info mixed up... it's $60 for 4 days... $25 for 1 @ the door... Great convention I've been going sense 1989... I look forward to it each year... great exclusives and awesome panels... It is worth every penny!!!! And you do find deals... it's more then just a big scalp fest... Oh yeah... If you preordered your badge you get in Wednesday night before the con...

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    I might go. Probably won't make up my mind until a day or two before.

    Maybe I could score higher on the Geek test if I wore my Bikerscout uniform.

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    You'll be accepted there... It's a great show... I'm telling you that you won't be disappointed! You'll find things there you'll never see @ F&S...

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    So bring the plastic?

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    I spent too much lastyear... I'm trying to find things to do that will keep me off the floor and spending... such as games and we'll have to see what programing they have, every year's programing is good though

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    What's the best day to pick up the Boba Fett?

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    Wednesday Night Thrusday if you haven't gotten a preorderec badge

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    does anyone know if its two per day or two per convention? and any info bout the other exc would be nice too!

    like keldor? limit? prod num? how much?

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    Keldor is 1500 @ this show and 1500 @ Wizard World... I got 3 He-men lastyear.... and Keldor is $20


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